Make a list of 50 things you are most grateful for.

Llamame quizas?
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The iLLAMAnaughty
Just a few things that The iLLAMAnaughty are grateful for! #GiveThanks #questival
Dream Team
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Us vs The World + Tom
1. Being alive 2. My mom 3. My little brother 4. Being born in Houston 5. Being born in a diverse state 6. Having a step dad 7. Being able to reunite with my dad and the rest of that side of the family 8. Being able to go to college 9. Having all my limbs 10. Having money and a secure job 11. Being safe even though I got physically robbed twice 12. Being able to participate in Questival 13. My girlfriend 14. Being able to do Questival challenges with my girlfriend and her cousin 15. Being safe through all my powerlifting meets 16. Having strong leg genetics 17. Being able to obtain FAFSA for school 18. Being able to obtain my top 10% scholarship 19. Being able to join my social fraternity 20. For being able to have 4 great best friends 21. For being able to meet my long lost sister after 14 years 22. For being able to connect with my sister even though we have such a big age gap 23. Being able to eat everyday with no worries 24. For the clothes that I have 25. For all the possessions that I own 26. For the safe water I get to drink 27. For being able to live in such a safe place with no worry 28. That I didn't have any childhood problems despite not growing up with my parents 29. For my grandparents who took care of me throughout my adolescent 30. For my childhood years even though they were cringeworthy 31. For my past mistakes because they make me stronger 32. For this challenge because it makes you appreciate all of this just a little more 33. For this Questival to be in cstat cause I get to visit my girlfriend who goes here 34. For the astros winning because It's been over 50 years since they won 35. For my job at work because others have it a lot worse 36. To all my teachers who really put an effort to help me succeed 37. To all my managers who want me to go further in life despite me leaving my current job 38. For all my coworkers who give me motivation to go forward despite the fact that I lack self confidence 39. For my cousins who are a decade older than me who provide me support 40. To be free of cold sores because when I have one I realize I don't really appreciate it when I don't have one 41. To have a wide variety of friends who eat everything so I'm forced to challenge my palette 42. To my fraternity for giving me a scholarship 43. To Turbo Charity Foundation for giving me a scholarship 44. For the 4 years of long distance that my gf and I had to share 45. To have family members all around the world and in many states 46. To have been in so many states for my family trips 47. To have a nose bridge 48. To have pure white skin 49. Having a unique last name 50. To be able to eat cheese. #questival
Alpaca Punch
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Living’ life! #questival
So grateful. #blessed #questival
Llama Lamp
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Hopscotch Mafia
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Maize and Boobs
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Gotta Gig'em All
Blessed by the best. (when it’s nearly all food) #questival
The New Groove
Dalai Llamas
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Birthday Suit Squad
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#blessed Latín men, avocados, my bus driver... #questival
Llama tell you about it
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It's a Questivus Miracle
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Socially Scared Students
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Llamas with hats
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Llama del Rey
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