Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

spousal support
Mike played tennis in high school then took a reprieve for eight years and now plays for hours to gain back his skill. #questival
Nasty Cousins
These chicks rule. #questival
SSMC Enterprise
This group was such an inspiration! How great to hike with your 80 year old grandfather! Ronald Lee is a native Montana living his life the Montana way! Inspiration to us all today. #questival
Bork Bork For Now
"I'm just here with my mom visiting the mine! We love to travel around Montana and do new things." #questival
Adams day was spent shopping for his father to get the perfect Father's day present. afterwards he played soccer #questival
The iLLAMAnati
"Well I left my ex-husband down in Miami. I was just about sick of his bull crap .. and his mother! Missoula is weird but I guess so am I. You are probably going to put some filter on me or make me look like an idiot." #questival
America's Next Top Llamas
"I'm from Missoula. I've been working here for 3 months. I like it. I used to work at Arby's. I just like working around people. I dunno, I just like hanging out with friends and stuff." #questival
Flamingo Something
This was our lovely waitress. She moved to Missoula in January from California having never even seen Montana before. She packed up her car, rented a room on Craigslist and picked up the key under the doormat and she's loved it ever since! #questival
Human of Missoula - Pool Shark #questival
Meet tressa, she is originally from Shelby MT, along with being part of two sets of twins in her family. One set is two girls is a boy and a girl. She works at the hospital and cares for both patients and staff. #questival
August Entertainment
Brandon grew up in Missoula, was a drone pilot in Iraq bombing people from a dark office in the US which caused him to help create a Netflix film called Drone. An incredible man. #feels #questival
Lama Glama Gals
Joe who has lived his entire 73 years on the ninepipes reservation near charlo #peopleofnewyork #questival
Hammock Heathens
#Moms supporting clean air#hammockheathens #questival
We've Done Sports Before
Janet has been playing the banjo for 15 years. Janet's llamazing #questival
FMAM Returns
I had my daughter in high school but now we got to graduate college and masters programs together. #questival
Lady Llamas
Hello Missoula, this couple moved to MT from UT to go off the grid...caught them in the middle of TV production. #questival
Whoa Nellie!
"The most challenging thing I've done was seven years in the Florida State Penitentiary. I live in MT now bc I can." #questival
"I've worked in the diner business for 62 years. My mom owned it before I bought it from her. Now she works for me. I've always loved the restaurant business--but help is hard to find. But it's a four generation family business. A few years ago they wrote about me in the paper." #wildbutmild #questival
como te llama
"I'm from New York, so I know humans of New York, and I moved to Missoula to be closer to my sister and this guy" :) #ComoTeLlama #questival
Exertion Farts
Passing through Missoula, a fortune cookie told me I'd soon be on top of the world. I worked in fire rescue for 6 yrs #questival
Dolly Llamas
Inittowinit #questival
Team Awesome
Humans of Drummond! Shannon is a grandmother of a 3 year old and works at the Wagon Wheel #questival
"I was born in missoula Montana. I have worked at Ruby's for 35 years. When the previous owners retired I decided to also take a job with the county and now just work here on the weekends. The thing I enjoy the most about the job is the people and the times i have with them. I have a brother and a sister and two kids." #questival
3 Kaysers with a Dent
James Patrick is the bass player for his band Saint Pe, based out of Chicago. He is on a three week tour. #questival
Beach Please
I don't wear protection and I still don't have an std #questival