Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

What do you like about yourself? “Well, I like that I’m approachable and I think I make friends easily.” — Our new friend, Cam (Totem on table!) #questival
#humansofTexas. My name is Maren. I️ have a birthmark on my right knee which is a conversation piece. I️ can sing in four different languages and love to sing opera in Houston, where I️ grew up. I️ lived in NY for three years to pursue a master’s degree. I️ have three nieces and nephews who sometimes give my boyfriend stomach viruses. #questival
“Sky diving is so freeing. I felt so free from all the world’s stresses. The most liberating experience” - Raul #questival
The Highest Of Fives
donny is a fulltime fire cpt and a part time ems while his wife works for md Anderson. great guy to chat with. #questival
"Live to travel. I can't really think of anything else bro. Have fun with you your thing." -Dexter #questival
Silly Goose
KT From Mississippi was forced to move to Houston as a child because his home was sold in an auction before his family could save it. Now a true Houston he has lived in several areas around town and is currently working at an art museum to save up for college. He is an aspiring renaissance artist and an amazing beet boxer. #questival
This is Adam. We met him while eating lunch at a local diner. He grew up in Philly #humansofhouston #cotopaxi #questival
No Prob-Llama
Harold likes to sit at starbucks and brightens people’s days. He compares himself to alkaseltzar in that he puts the fizz back in people’s lives. #questival
The Slow & Steadies #toooldforthis
“If you could tell one thing to a large group of people, what would it be?” “Slow down. It seems like there’s so much to do, but it’s worth it to slow down.” #humansofhouston #questival
We Met On Tinder
"We got into the escape game world because we felt like immersive theater had a role to play to elevate the experience". We met on dinner has a date idea! #questival #questival
Word to Your Llama
(Wearing a purple ribbon t shirt - epilepsy awareness) Q: Do you know anyone with epilepsy? A: My Cousin. Q: How has that affected your outlook on life? A: For me, it has meant that you can never know the battle that someone might be fighting. #HumansofHouston #questival
A Tribe Called Questival
#ATribeCalledQuestival :: This is Marla. She is a student and hobbyist of Planair type painting. She started studying art in 2014 with Steve Parker. For her studies, she has completed 78 of 500 art pieces and works for large company as infomation developer. #questival
Squirtle Squad
This is Beth. She is born and raised in Texas all her life. Blessed with 4 kids and help her friend run a farmer market stand. Full time is realtor. Beth was deaf until 2 weeks ago. Inner ear bone produced too much calcium that it blocked the sound waves. She had surgery and transplant titanium. Beth was cured from being dead for 7 yesrs. #HumaninHouston #questival
John from Galveston coffee roasters (best coffee) who moved from Hawaii for better cost of living! ♥️ #questival
Hungry Travelers
Ramrod Sassy Balls
Beryl drove all the way from Houston with three vehicles - one for her, one for her husband and one for her in laws - and a five year old. It was a long drive but worth it for some peace and quiet. Until it was disrupted by the Questivalers. #Nature #Houston #questival
Toon Squad
This is Jasmine. This is her story. "I love music. It's a freedom of expression and it shouldn't die. I've played with a ton of bands around the world and it will always be a big part of my life." #questival