Take a photo next to the Death Avenue Plaque. Tell us why 10th Avenue used to be called Death Avenue in your caption.

Something Flappier
A full-size railway used to run up the middle of 10th Ave! With no fences or barricades, people were killed all the time. SAD! #questival
5 Sexy Smart n S-quirky
In memory of all those lost lives... we salute you #questival
Seis Loko
Over 400 souls lost in the early 1900s #questival
freight trains running along 10th ave caused many deaths, hence the name #questival
More Human, Less Robot
There used to be a freight train going in the middle of the street and killing pedestrians. #morehumanlessrobot #questival
Daddy hungus
Bad Asses with Good Asses
It’s called death ave become hundreds of people killed by the freight-liners on the 10th Ave between 1846 and 1941 #questival
Beep Bloop Meow
Hundreds of people were killed by freight-liners on 10th ave between 1846 and 1941. #questival
Sherlock Homies
Full size railway ran up the middle of 10th ave without rails or fencing #questival
In memory of the hundreds of people killed by freight liners on 10th avenue between 1846 and 1941 😭 #questival
the 10th Ave railroad accounted for many deaths .....only a death of a 7 y.o.finally sparked protests and it was shut #questival
Katzen & Delia
Freightliners used to kill people here, hence the name “Death Avenue”. :( #questival
5th Dimension
100s of people died on 10th ave being run over by freight liners. Very sad story #questival
All We Do is Nguyen
Because the freight liners kept killing people here. That's why the high line was created! #questival
Big Googly & The Dinosaurs
The tracks used to be on the street before it was elevated!! Lots of people were killed by the train!! #questival
The Guardians of the Cotopaxi
100s of ppl used to get hit by trains... #questival
Victorious Secret
Between 1846 and 1941 freight-liners killed hundreds of people on 10th ave, hence death ave #questival
Hundreds of people were killed on this avenue by locomotives. #questival
Brooklyn Squirrels
let's hope histo ry doesn't repeat itself #questival
Thicc Bois Inc.
Death avenue is named for the numerous tragic accidents that occurred along a railroad that used to pass through there. This small plaque commentates the past. #questival
Scavenge AF
People used to jump in front of the trains on 10th avenue before the railroad was raised off the road in 1941 #questival