Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Boyd is from Texas and is a pilot. He flew people to get to the stampede. #questival
Mountain Betches
Travis and Terry, father and son out to spend some time together and catch dinner too in beautiful YYC! #questival
Bold Babes
Johnathan is in school for microbiology and wants to be a piediatric oncologist. honorable man. #questival
Got the Runs
"I moved to this job due to an emergency which made commute and life more difficult. It hasn't been the best of..." #questival
Alex & Sam are a New up and coming couple in Red Deer. Sam likes to head out on sunny days sporting shirts and basic teas. Toms shoes are his go to as they are comfortable and slip on easily. Alex prefers a little bling in his trends. A simple tee with diamonds on it and gold watch make him feel stylish on outings! #questival
In Omnia Paratus
Humans of Grotto canyon. All the way from Edmonton these two have been climbing for 10 years! #questival
Sloppy Suzy
So the most amazing connection we made with a person during questival was this gentlemen walking into the sun here. He had just got off work, and decided to take a stroll along the river. He told us about his day and gave us ladies the most amazing compliments and sage advice for living life. #questival
Bart Crew
HUMANS OF YYC: Eugene and Leona are chiropractors from YYC stretching out their spines in the sun on St.Patricks Island. #questival
Dude, where's my llama?
Nyla. Past couple of years have been rough but I've learned to be patient and look at the bigger picture. That some of the bad things that happened actually lead to something good. - she made Jenna cry. Aww. #questival
Udderly Fantastic
The worst winter was the big ice storm in September of 2013 #questival
"I immigrated to Calgary just 2 years ago. I'm currently working in IT for a software company and it's my first stampede! YAHOO! 🤠" #questival
The Yamites
My mother always thought I was a bad swimmer. But when I was sixteen and we went to the beach she put me in charge of my brothers meanwhile reminding me I am a terrible swimmer. Anyway that's my story for you. #questival
Shake n Bake
This is Richard. He is going through hard times trying to find a job. He thought he had something lined up but his boss left him hanging. He is also a diabetic, so it makes things that much tougher. We admire Richard's positivity because no matter how rough things are, he would crack a smile and tell us things will get better soon enough. Makes you appreciate what you have and to never take anything for granted. Be happy with your life no matter what happens because at the end of the day, it's the only one you've got. #questival
Andrew and Jessica are from Calgary. They are taking their new twins for a picnic at Sandy Beach. #questival
Three's a Crowd
This is Jordan. He is a referee for the Calgary Youth Flag Football League and has been doing so for the last 4-5 years. He used to play but has retired due to an injury. Thanks for helping us out!! #questival
CARE 2017
Meet Wisam- he's an artist from Iraq who has been in Canada for nine months. Currently he is studying English level 4 at the Bow Valley College. He loves Calgary because of it's beauty and diversity. #diversityisstrength #meetsomeonenew #newcomertocanada #questival
Hardcore Parkour
Meet Norm. Recovered heroin and alcohol addict, and survivor of house fire, this homeless man is now using his faith in God to overcome these challenge and continue his beautiful work #questival
The Red Hot Chili Steppers
Tourism Calgary out and about for the Calgary Stampede #questival
Big Matt and Fries
David & Bella - financial planner - just sat down with asingle mother and got her life insurance and she passed on Sun #questival
Girl Gang = Awesome
"I grew up in an orphanage just outside of Bowmont Park. I am 82 now and walk my dog here every day. When I was 12 I climbed the bridge behind me - it was in the 50's when they just converted the trains from coal to diesel and I wanted to feel how the bridge would shake. It shook alright!" - Ron #girlgang #questival
met a bunch of nice guys who agreed to take this picture with us. #questival
Western posse
These two edmontonians had dinner at theatro and the maitre D gave them her mixtape. They're also on they're off to their first stampede tomorrow and the zoo Sunday #questival
Tina, you fat lard!
"How did you two meet". Giggles. GF: Mutual friend from elementary/junior high talked to me about lonely friend. BF: (rolls eyes) GF: he wasn't insufferable lonely (more giggles). So we started talking. "So how long have you been together now" both: about a month. #questival
Over 49ers
I am from Montreal and a student of opera; I am Calgary for the summer to work my families food truck; I want to be a professional Opera singer #questival
This is Yi Ting, the owner of Yi Ting Creatives and the artist behind the illustrations and this new business venture. With a background in architecture, Yi Ting has always been interested in creating art, and this year she's taken the leap to creating her new business here in Calgary! #questival
Crowsnest Crusade
"Humanity is a song to the universe, and every individual its note. And nobody has the right to decide which note stays and which note leaves the score." -Clint Marko #questival