Visit Garnet. Do some research about the abandoned town and tell us something you learned in the caption.

The Zoo Crew
While Garnet's census accounted for 1,000 people living in the mining town during its peak. The more realistic total would probably be closer to 4,000, since women weren't counted! #questival
Resting Murder Face
If you were newlyweds in Garnet your rent was free! Till you built your own house that is... #questival
Team 224
A can of coffee was 25¢ way back in the good ol' garnet days! #questival
code brown
Originating around an old stamp mill, Garnet was originally known as Mitchell but changed names in 1897 to Garnet for the semi-precious ruby-colored stone found in the area. #questival
No More Baby Ilama Drama
Only one person was seen in Garnet jail, Frank Kearn. He got drunk and killed someone's dog #TheMoreYouKnow #Questival #questival
The A Team
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Many people didn't have trash collection, as a result, their trash from 1894 remains intact behind some houses. #questival
We've Done Sports Before
Garner used to home miners and their wives! #questival
America's Next Top Llamas
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Garnetttttt #questival
Multiple Scoregasms
Garnet ghost town experiences extreme darkness at 4am. Also, the beargrass is popin! #questival
Garnet is now fully run my volunteers and public donations. Everyone you come into contact with working up there is doing it for free. It is also open year round and can accessed by snowmobile or cross country ski. Nothing better than hot chocolate and ghosts ! #questival
MAC Attack
At the entrance to the Ghost Town. Recently they've started to produce "Explore Ghost Town" license plates to support restoration of old buildings, much like those here. This support is for all Montana buildings of this type. #MACAttack #questival
 A fire in Garnet in 1912 burned many buildings #questival
Nocturnal Emotions
Gold rush in 1860 on Bear Creek, Garnet Range was named for the semi-precious stone found in the area. #questival
como te llama
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Garnet is indeed, much creepier at night #ComoTeScaredLlama #questival
Swole Patrol
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It is an important symbol of Montana's hard rock mining era in particular, gold mining. #questival
garnet mined $950,000 worth of gold when it was $17 an ounce. now it's over $1200 an ounce #questival