Visit one of your favorite local places in nature.

Dirrrty Ladies Club
Not a local to Lansing, but a local to Wyoming. Visiting Yellowstone National Park is always a good idea. #dirrrtyladiesclub #questival
Victims of Regina George
You can't beat a michigan Lake at sunset #questival
Lake Norway :) #questival
Mighty Ducks
The trails in Lake Lansing Park North are still some of my favorites! #questival
#734 Dash
North Country trails are amazing! Many different trails and loads of great scenic campsites. #questival #questival
The Dali Llamas
Adirondack mountains! view of Mt Marcy! #questival
Team Taco
Blind lake campground #questival
Llama palooza
The lake in Boyne, MI #questival
Blue Barracudas
We built a boat out of plywood and rowed it around one of our favorite places 40 minutes from the city at Gull Lake on July 1. #questival
Entertainment 720
Logans pass in Glacier National Park, Montana!! #questival
Wander Women
Hiking the North Country Trail! This team is ready! #questival
It's a bit of a drive but Sleeping bear dunes is one of the best lake adventures you can have! #questival
Queen penguins 🐧
At the top of Sugarloaf Mountain #questival
Four skin shuttles
Taking on Lake Michigan! #questival
Crab People
Elk Lake, MI, the lake I grew up going to with my family ❤ #questival
Team Sajdak
Colorado! I go every year 😊 #questival