Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

This is Anne, she's a nurse in Renton for the last few years. She works hard LOVES chocolate cake and looks forward to fall every year. She was stoked to participate with us in Questival #questival
The Kings of Kallamatee
Tim has worked for Salvation Army 6 months and feels like he is contributing to the community. #questival
"Now it was just so lovely to meet you guys. Send me this picture via email and I'll post it on Facebook if that's okay." This lovely lady named Wendy made our day too. We hope to see her again in Target. #kachow #questival
Love Light and Lemonade!
Ramone shared his smile with me long before his name. He shared his pain of losing Sassy, but also his hope for a home #questival
"We are actually visiting from Chicago. My wife hasn't been here before but I've visited 3 or so times by now." #questival
Vicuña Matata
This is Marissa. She works at the local rehab clinic and doesn't think that she's worthy of a specialty post. She's taking the time to spend with her husband and cousin at the beautiful Snowqualmie falls #vicunamatata #questival
Just Between Us Girls
Eric is practicing to be a walk on for his college football team. #dedication #questival
Rainier Mountaineers
Christopher and Deandre grew up just outside the Greenlake neighborhood. They spend their day working at a construction site. Saturday’s are special to them as they recharge their batteries and assess their next weeks schedule. These young men are on the quest to making it big. #questival
Mrs. Banana Grabber
"I come back to lake union every year on Oct 14 to remember. I remember being in a canoe with my fiancé. I remember gasping for air. I remember watching my engagement ring fall into the water." Stephanie #mrsbananagrabber #humansofseattle #questival
"My goal in the next 10 years is to open a pizza shop. It will have its own app and a delivery system by bicycle!" #questival
Pizza party pants 🍕 🎉 👖
Eva works at CJ’s diner in Belltown as a hostess. She felt like it was her birthday when we first visited so we spent a half hour learning all about her and her colleagues at the restaurant. In the end she got to enjoy a cake we baked up. :) #PizzaPartyPants 🍕 🎉 👖 #questival
Later Gators
"I just love school. I got my undergrad in CA & did my first master's in South Africa, then my 2nd master's @ yale" #questival
Mountains to Sound
Jakari, age 23, a recent transplant from Ohio is one of this city's most politically active citizens. #questival
Resident Evil
I’ve been coming to the market weekly now for several years. My dog’s name is Latte & she’s very well known here. She gets scraps of fish from the market & when she comes here with my husband they always ask “is that Latte?” #questival
“I’m dressed up like Minnie Mouse because my sister got me these ears from Disneyland and my other sister got me this robe! I actually go to dialysis right now and because it’s Halloween, I felt like dressing up so I could make people smile a little!” #questival
Strawberry Jam
This is Catherine. She's a theater major and a member of the LGBTQ Isle Allies of Seattle, a group who have recently been working to elevate the voices of Two-Spirit people of color. They're groups that, according to Catherine, may be historically underrepresented but are not truly voiceless. Today she was out in the park offering some sandwiches to hungry folks and spreading the word on an upcoming organizational event to discuss housing issues in Seattle for members of the LGBTQ community. #questival
From Boston, a huge lover of the Red Sox, Eric is here interviewing for a job at Amazon, big surprise! He is excited about moving to another beautiful coastal city but but insists Boston has better seafood. #questival
Mothers of Dragons
This is Chris Tran from Houston. Chris is starting his graduate program at UW in Human-Centered Design. His hope is to help build and empower communities. His light and kindness shines through his smile, and we wish him all the luck. #questival
Brunch Brothers
"It's a fishing expedition. I'm fishing for people. I'm not recruiting people. I'm not telling them what they should believe. But I'm out here for people who are interested is learning more." -Alan, Seattle, WA #questival
Hug Dealers
"drop table teams
“I came to the park today because I was feeling overwhelmed in my job as a pharmacist at the Swedish. Watching kids playing at the park helps me unwind and take my mind off the human tragedies I see at the hospital everyday.” #questival
Jake used to work in a port security unit with the US Coast Guard. On patrol one day, his crew came across a lone person on an inflatable boat, heading for Guantanamo Bay. Given the circumstances, the person must have come from either a ship, a helicopter, or a submarine. The unit threatened warning shots. After communication with the unit commander, the lone sailor was promptly escorted into custody. It is rumored he was a captured spy. #questival
Wild Goose Chase
She said she doesn't have a story to tell, she's more interested in the stories of those around her. That's why she came here to WA, there's so many tales to hear. #humansofNY #questival
We'll Think of a Name Later
"We live on the west side of Seattle but enjoy coming here with our dog Booch. Booch is upset right now because my husband is inside. He gets anxious anytime when he isn't around. He'll calm down again once he comes outside with the food." #humansofseattle #questival
"I'm from Italy. I've been here 14 years. I take photos for myself, no social media, no website. Just for me." #questival
Tequila Mockingbird
Just a small town boy raised in south Denver. He’s slow to trust but quick to love a bone. #questival
What do you call a llama and a chicken?
Steve from Bellingham is a wild life/nature photographer. He spends his time exploring hikes and photographing their beauty. #questival
The PNW Foodies
Meet Connor. Today he will be getting married to his love, Jackie, who he met 3 years ago at a Crossfit Gym. Congratz! #questival
Humans of Seattle - Mike likes taking his dog GiGi on walks. Being 14 yrs old, GiGi needs to lay down and take a breather pretty often. #questival
PNWomen ({'})
"I am a human being. A graduate student in physics at UW. I was actually born in Vietnam, I came over to Seattle on my second birthday! I got my masters degree in physics last year-fingers crossed going for my doctorate!" #questival
Run Now, Wine Later
This guy, so genuine and awesome! Works with homeless people to get them shelter and support! #questival
Team Oreo
"what is your favorite part of Seattle?" "Green Lake." #questival
This is Tim, he crushed his foot under his family's corn tractor. He's been working to make a living for his family this way for 2 years and cannot afford to take time off. He was very nice and helped us complete our corn husking challenge. #humansofnewyorkimeanseattle #questival
This is Jaime. Today, Jaime renewed her lease on Twice Told Tales, ensuring five more years of selling used and unique books. Jaime shares the stop with multiple cats, including Buster, a young Siamese who will soon have a new sibling to chase. Jaime was meant to be named for Southern separatist Robert Clayton, but was instead named after her father James. #questival
Shark Bait
Isabel didn't always love customers. "My life in Seattle started slow. Didn't know too many people. Starbucks makes my day though. I didn't think I'd love talking to people because I'm super introverted but the customers here in Green Lake make it all worth it. Even when they want their unicorn frapps and PSL (laughs)." #questival
The Wurst Team
We were lucky enough to meet Frank at Rattlesnake ridge. Earlier this month Frank was hiking in Big Sur with his new pup. While walking along the edge of the rocks his new pup took a slip and fell over 500 feet tumbling all the way down to the rocky shore. Frank feared for the worst as he peered over the edge only to see his pup happily wagging his tail at the shoreline. #humansofQuestival #questival
Pumpkin Spiced Llamas
Harmony (on the right) has never lived a day on this earth without an animal living in her house #questival
Death Cab for Booty
Erik, Jeff, Violet, Wes, and Olivia (right to left) were also on a scavenger hunt tonight for a different group. Unfortunately they got a flat tire early on into their hunt. They met up at Dick's to combine teams and pike into one car. We asked them if they had any advice for us. Here's what they said: "Your life is gonna change so much in a year" "Don't quit before the miracle happens" "You can do anything you want if you're willing to put the work in" "You can do anything you want if you're willing to take the consequences" Dick's Drive-in, Wallingford, WA #questival
Six Factor Authentication
this Guy grew up in Mexico. he works for Microsoft now. we gave him candy #questival
Awkward Llamas
I just wanted to go camping. It seemed like a really nice day, so I decided to camp. Also you’re using that flint striker wrong, let me show you how to start a fire with it. #humansofquestival #kindstranger #awkwardllamas #questival
"I came to Seattle to get as high as possible - so I went to the Space Needle." - Ryan from North Carolina #questival
Meddling Kids
"You'd think with all the people coming in and out, I'd be less lonely. Being a villain here isn't the life I planned" #questival
The Dream Killers
Mike is a bike polo player who comes to Cal Anderson park often to chill with his buds. He moved to Seattle 9 years ago because at time it was “dirt cheap. Portland wasn’t as cool. It wasn’t on the water. And bike polo is better here. I made better friends. We come here often to smoke a joint and drink a beer. When we first moved, we used to play sometimes 5 days a week. Now we’re too old.” #questival
A team has no name.
They met up after a long week of work, Nancy had good news for Bill. She used the successful drive-in, Dick’s to let him know his had been successful too. Nancy is pregnant with their first child, the meal became a celebration. #questival
Wander Bread
"We met in 2009 through mutual friends at Colorado State and discovered that we lived down the hall from each other in the dorms. A few years after college we ran into each other again and fell in love. We moved to Seattle together a few years ago and love the life we have created together." #HONY #questival #questival
Cass is a bridal stylist and an actress. She dedicates time to promoting mental health awareness after losing her dad to suicide. #questival