Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival.

Salsa Picante
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Holyhead Harpies
Meet Gerry. He hails from Idaho, helped us with one of our first tasks, and became our unofficial 7th member! Thx Ger! #questival
Harold says, "everyday people inspire me. I walk down the street and see smiles on their faces and, for me, it kind of #questival
Llady Llamas
One of my teammates was actually a stranger to me and I loved the opportunity to learn about her life. A part of her story: Having my first baby, when he was 2 1/2 he was diagnosed with autism. I was scared, it was hard to come to terms with as his mom I wasn't sure about the future. He has his issues but he is one of the most caring and loving individuals and I'm so grateful to have him as my son. #familyfirst #llamalove #questival
Nasty Women Squad
My grandpa used to drive a car like this. My dad and I were restoring it together but he passed away before we completely finished it. #humansoftucson #questival
Team Lopez
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max! #questival
Squeal Team 6
This is Daniel. Daniel isn't an Arizona native but has had quite an adventure to get here. Starting out as a middle school teacher on the east coast, he's made his way through the Midwest seeking opportunities to bring the challenges he's overcome to empower others. He's now self employed, offices in downtown Tucson, building educational curriculum around inventive technologies #questival
Walk in Love
Meet Aurelia. His English isn't very good, but his favorite color is blue and he loves old newspapers! #questival
"I was born in Tucson, I've seen a lot of crazy things come through this restaurant. One time I witnessed a girl eat nothing but mustard. It's made me realize life is crazy. " Eli #questival
Shark Squad
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Carolyn is a freshman in biomedical engineering. Until this year she was in the feeder program for the Olympics for triathlons!!!! #questival
Bear Hug
"I came to Tucson 8 years ago. I left Ethiopa and lived in South Africa then Sonora Mexico and now here. I am an international man now. People think Mexico is full of drugs and violence but if you live there it is great. But If you look for trouble you will find trouble. I came to Tucson for the University and I run Cafe Desta, now. Ethiopian Cuisine and Coffee but dream of buying a home back on Sonora" -Tekia (Ethiopa) #questival
Team Equilibrium
Care (yes, awesome name) was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. She spent two years in the peace corp in Africa, helping those in need. She even has a tattoo from the Pulla Futa tribe in Africa. We stumbled upon her while grabbing a quick bit to eat. "My entire family was military and I couldn't do military, so I joined the peace corp to do a public service." @humansofnewyork @cotopaxi #questival
Team No Sleep
Today in macro fashion! #questival
Desert Mermaids
This woman went to beauty school but didn't work as one for very long because she met the love of her life and has been married for 39 years! #questival
Here Comes the Pickle Train
Ashley from Phoenix says that she has amazing luck. She has won tickets for a tubing trip and for a Jonas Brothers concert. Her best story was when she was randomly selected for a Michael's product test and was able to test out and keep a 3D printer and a desktop computer. That is so lucky! #questival
What Does the Llama Say?
"I love cycling here. It's really friendly. It's a really bike friendly city." #questival
Dalai Llamas
"My mom is a teacher and she decided we should crash the school librarian's wedding while on vacation." -Andrew #questival
I want to be a firefighter like my dad. I'm getting my degree I chem engineering, I want to work on the hazmat team. #questival
Lost and Local
# nature #humans of tucson #hiking #great server #questival
Mama Llama Drama
This is Ron...he helps in the community every week by service produce to those in need. Working for POWWOW in Amado. Thanks Ron #questival
Team Laika
Awesome dude from PHX. #questival
Razzle dazzle sparkly kweenz
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Llama Take A Selfie
"I didn't choose the llama life, the llama life chose me." #questival
Intubating Iguanas
"I'm from Tucson but lived in Hawaii, Oahu to be specific. Now I'm back in Tucson, you know. I'm in real estate. You know I really love what you guys are doing. Do good, you know? Be kind means no bullying. But I think it should be on the Southside of Tucson. They're trying to implement that, in the schools, in neighborhoods. So be good to your neighbor. It's all about the bible to me. Like, how would you want someone to treat you? That's how I want to be treated." (Tucson/Oahu/Tucson) #intubatingiguanas #questival
Los Edisones
Known as the hangman- this gentleman heard the dirt whisper from a faraway land known as Phoenix and traveled to Tucson by automobile. He spends his nights inspiring people at The Golden Nugget Bar and Tavern with his karaoke renditions of your favorite TLC songs. He once swallowed mouth wash and insists he now knows the meaning of life. #questival
What the Duck?
#crashingonbikesisfun #questival
No probllama mamas
#mostembarrassingmoment #questival
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies
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