Visit SWAY'D interactive art installation

It's the Time to Disco
You should check your sources... This Salt Lake Tribune Article from May 20, 2011 says it will only be in place for 18 months. Yeah, it's come and gone and we couldn't find it anywhere. Someone should review these challenges better. #questival
Voltron Force
Screamin' Llamas
This does not exist... down in 2013 #questival
Banana Split
TEMP exhibit no longer there. We searched. Asked around, but no exhibit exists. Don't need the points, but wanted to point this out. #questival
on the grave site of SWAY'd #questival
Boss Llamas
This is the address of the SWAY'D installation, but it is now the new Ballet West Academy. It's been gone for awhile. Butttttttt points still count 🤗 #questival
after an hour of searching, we sadly realized that this installation had been removed! but we took a picture anyway. #teamillamanati #questival
Aloha Senoritas
🌴 We came. We didn't see. But we conquered. This is the location where SWAY'd existed prior to the new construction (50 W 200 S). RIP SWAY'd 💀 #questival
#illamanati came to visit the Sway'd art installation, come to find it was torn down for this Ballet company building. I've been there before so I was sad to see it gone! #questival
General Chaos
The Porkers
This is where SWAY'D used to be #nostalgia #theporkers #capitoltheatreexpansion #questival
We found the location where it used to be. We confirmed with locals that it has been taken down. Boo. #questival
Team black fortress
#teamblackfortress #thisisprobablyit #confused #questival