Take a team photo in front of one of the statues at the North Carolina Capital. Tell us why the statue is important in your caption.

Dumbledore's Army
Shows the history of leadership in North Carolina #questival
Explorasaurus Rex
Statue to honor three presidents and their major contributions to the country #questival
He was the first confederate soldier to die in battle. #questival
Twisted Blisters
McIver is important for our education #questival
Llamakin' Me Crazy
32 pounder naval cannon taken in june 1861 #LlamakinMeCrazy #questival #dogood #dtr #navycannon #pieceofourhistory #questival
Equal rights for all people. Aycock #questival
Queen City Conquistadors
This statue commentates those who died in the confederate war. #questival
Signed Llamarosa
Dedicated to the men and women of NC who served in America's wars. #questival
Social Twerkers
NC was the birthplace of 3 presidents! This statue represents the achievements of each! #questival
Legends of the Hidden Questival
The importance of protecting wildlife and turtles #questival
Totally Lost
Vietnam memorial is important to US because all FOUR of us are veterans #questival
Obama's Llamas
#obamasllamas Charles Duncan mciver educational statesman. Cause education for all is important #questival
I'm Perd Hapley and the name of this team is: Team Name
Dedicated to the heroic men and women who served in America's wars #questival
Ready Player One
Honoring our Vietnam vets. Thanks to those who serve! #questival
Team Schatzle
This statue is important because the three presidents in it are all from North Carolina. #comeonandraiseup #questival
Deep Brotherhood
Charles McIver greatly improved North Carolina education during the late 1800s. #questival
WW2 Monument #questival
Potatoes Gonna Potate
Just like how the 3 soldiers represent different army units, our team has different skills and expertise #questival
Chapped Up Pineapples
It's by the museum of natural Hx. Sense of wonder for nature. #questival
Show Me Your Booty
3 NC Presidents #questival
The Smarty Pints
Vietnam memorial. relatives that were active duty and drafted during that conflict #questival
Polk, Jackson and Johnson were three North Carolina born Presidents #questival
Whatever You Want
important to remember our history #questival
The Llama del Reys
Some of our great grand parents fought in World War Two. All veterans sacrifices and service are important to us. #questival
team diSASter
these guys are the NC Presidents club. From here #questival
Pics or it didn't happen
This statue is in honor of the women of the confederacy. This honors the women of the south as they impart historical knowledge to the next generation. #questival
Gate City Llama Wranglers
North Carolina memorial of veterans of war. We appreciate the shoulders that we stand on. #questival
Llama be on Top
George Washington, first president of the USA, paved the way for free states, such as NC! #questival
Torrey is a narc. hashtag narc.
Women confederacy #questival
Monument to NC's Confederate Dead. #questival
Stumbling Fairies
Presidents enlarging our national boundaries, revitalizing American democracy, and fending the constitution #questival
Some Trich Named Rachel
As future medical professionals, their sacrifices guide our future medical practices #questival
A Tribe Called Quest
Ay cock. Who doesn't love one? #questival
But first, llama take a selfie
Important because equal rights. #questival
Donut Resuscitate
This statue remembers those who gave their lives for our freedom #questival
Flying Pandas
All three of these US Presidents are from North Carolina #questival
NC love! George Washington is important because he's our founding father #statecapital #questival
Save the Llama Drama for your Momma
This shows the importance of the sacrifice the men and women of our country's freedoms. #questival
Alpaca Snack
Charles Aycock was the architect of our beautiful capitol! #questival
Tasteful Side Pull
these guys enlarged, revitalized, and defended our nation #questival
608 Samesies
Boats N Hoes
#phallacracyconfirmed look at all our presidents #questival
BadA$$ Babes
#BABabes at 3 of our most infamous presidents laps! #questival
Something Smells Fishy
These three presidents were from NORTH CAROLINA!!!! #questival
Man of Peace โœŒ๏ธ #questival
Llamas, Alpacas, Vicunas, Penguinos, Dios Mio!
the reason we're one of the only southern states with a capital Still Standing from before the Civil War! thanks!! #questival
Climbing Eaglet
Lamborghini MRSA
Johnson, Jackson, and Polk. Three presidents from NC! #questival
Men @ Prayer
Grass Mud Horses
Presidents from NC! Generally they were pretty mediocre-terrible presidents. #questival
The Questicals
He has the last name of one of our best friends #wheresjason #questival
Squaw Valley
This statue is to honor Vietnam war veterans #questival
Oscar the Grouch? He's Not Here?
Because MacGiver... #olivertheslouch #questival
Panda Dab
former governor of nc #questival
The Sour Elephants
This is our state. And Andrew Jackson is from here #questival
nacho llama
The women of the Confederacy were vital to the cause as they are noted as the custodians of history. #girlpower #questival
The Basic Bs
founder of the one dollar bill #questival
One Dimensional Climbers
We love horses #questival
This is the statue of the fallen soldiers #questival
Show Me Your Quests
this is important because it's a Vietnam memorial #questival
Presidents from NC #questival
Dreamcast & Yoga Goats
This statue is important because it is dedicated to the heroic men and women of North Carolina who served in America's wars ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ #questival
Llama Ninja
This our tribute to firefighters and first responders from my town of Raleigh. We truly appreciate the service they provide to the community. #questival
WPD: We're Probably Drunk
George Washington was out first president, DUH! #questival
Totally Koalafied
The statue is important because it honors state and national heroes. #questival
Bulletproof to the Bone
Confederate Memorial #questival
The Pig Stickers
Charles Brantley Aycock was the 50th governor of NC. He was a major advocate for improving public schools. #questival
The Perkisizers
This statue is our first president of the United States! He was known for his honesty and his hatred of cherry trees! ๐Ÿ˜ #questival
We've got a bad feeling about this...
it is important to highlight the role of women in history #questival
Questivus For The Rest Of Us
charles duncan mciver founded of uncg #questival
Adventure Club
For equal rights and the woman of the confederacy! #questival
60% Of The Time We Win Every Time
We are all children of Baby Boomers who saw the Vietnam war first hand, either in person or here at home. #powmia #truerespect #questival
Domination Station
CB Aycock dedicated his life to improving the education in North Carolina #DominationStation #questival
Slippery when wet
Posing with Charles Duncan McIver, the founder and first president of UNC Greensboro #questival
Best in Show
Charles Duncan McIver believed that a state is made up of all of the people that inhabit it and promotes education! #questival
Ensign Worth Bagley was the only U.S. naval officer killed in action during the Spanish-American War. #questival
Run Like The Doctor Told You To
Charles B Aycock petition for equal educational rights for everyone. #questival
GW is the 1st us prez, and has been there since 1816 when it was commissioned! #questival
I thought this was the TraLi Pub Crawl
They're all presidents from NC!! I thought this was the trali pub crawl #questival
Where is Glenn?
#education #questival
Black Sheep
This statue represents the US Presidents from NC. #questival
3 Beauties and the Llama
charles duncan mciver worked for a quarter of a century on education reform. #questival
We're standing in front of George Washington, our first president, an honest man, and a drop dead lady killer. #questival
because #AllLivesMatter #questival
A famous civil war general, Zebulon Vance, #diditforthe3points #questival
The Aquanets
This statue is a memorial to all WWII vets. #questival
Soarin' Seahawks
#soarinseahawks with our boy GW. He's pretty important since he founded our country. #questival
Captain Planet & The Planeteers: The Next Generation
North Carolina residents ---> presidents #questival
Quest with the Best!
McIver! #questival
LLive LLaugh LLove
this statue commemerates the service of north carolinians in ww2 #questival
Joaquin Phoenix
all sacrificed some, some sacrificed all #questival
honoring those who died during the vietnam war #questival
Team Noodle
fallen soldiers of World War 1, 2, Korean war #questival
Drama Llamas
We met Mr. Aycock today! As the 50th governor of North Carolina, he was an essential figure in improving our public school system. #saynotoHB13 #dramallamas #questival
I like Big Quests and I Cannot Lie
Dedicated to the men and women who served in America's wars. #questival
Gotham Heroes
he was pioneer for equality movement in nc #questival
The Bahama Llamas
The Adventurists
Yay for public education! #questival
Beer Pressure
Three presidents born in North Carolina!! #questival
Tune Squad
The statue of the women of the confederacy is imp. because it's a reminder that even oppressed people oppress others #questival
Booya Squad
Statue to remember the fallen soldiers. Thank you to those who served #questival
This statue represents the strong independent women of North Carolina #questival
Grand Stairmasters
This statue reminded us how terrible Andrew Jackson was as a human #questival
Barack Ollama
It signifies the many confederate soldiers who died in the civil war. #questival
Tina you fat lard. Come get some dinner.
Aycock was the 50th governor of NC #questival
Wot In Llamation
Captain Ashe, you'll be remembered for fighting in the American Civil War for NC as a confederate state but thank god the North won. #questival
Wot in Sleep Deprivation
Turns out Zebulon Vance was one of the most influential confederate generals in the civil war. He also apparently had quite the beer gut. #questival
Squad Cinco
The two ladies on our team both hail from NC and come from a long line of strong, southern women whose adaptability and loyalty have set a high standard for us all. #questival
Home Team
Honors men and women of NC who've died in war #questival
Not Fit But Super Lit
Chilling w/ McIver!! #questival
Firemen play important roles in our life and they sacrifice a lot for the safety of other people. We respect them. #questival
Team Wait? What?
One of the most influential leaders of the south. Governor and senator of NC #questival
The BraveOrants
The brave soldiers of the Vietnam war who made and offered the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms! #questival
Moon Trouncers
The fantastically named Aycock was the 50th governor of NC #questival
Charles Duncan mcgiver founded unc Greensboro #questival
Kung Fu P.A.N.D.D.A
With Andrew Jackson from wake county. He defended the Constitution!๐Ÿ˜Š #questival
Quest for the Llama
In front of the Women of The Confederacy because even traitors needed a home cooked meal #questival
Represent the strength of women! #questival
You're Ovary Acting
Vance was a confederate military officer, the governor of NC and a US senator. Also, quite impressive downstairs it seems #questival
What About Barb??
George Washington, the first president of the USA! #NCCapitol #questival
Nasty Women Ride Chaotic Unicorns
Charles Duncan, an educational statesman ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป #questival
Victorious Secret
For fallen confederate soldiers #questival
Raleigh Roamers
to honor the marines lost in vietnam #questival
The Razzle Dazzlers of Fantazzmagazzles
This memorial is dedicated to the men and women of NC who served in americas wars. #questival
NC presidents represent #Merica #questival
Important figures who was first President of the first state school for women which later became uncg #questival
As a veteran of the armed forces, this statue reminds us of the sacrifices made daily to preserve our freedoms. #questival
Pax and Papilla
Charles Brantley Aycock-- pioneer of equal education across the state #publicschoolsrule #tellbetsy #questival
Firefighters memorial in Raleigh commentated the sacrifice of fallen firefighters of North Carolina. #questival
Spit Happens
Charles Aycock. The equal right of every child born to have opportunities. #questival
Zebulon Vance #VanceRefrigeration. This man was a military who advocated freedom and tolerance #questival
Tiny Rhinos on the Loose
Fighting fires is a big deal!! #questival
Veridian Dynamics
Women of the confederacy statue honors women of the war! #questival
Purple for Life
This statue recognizes women's efforts during the war, an often overlooked part of history. #questival
Jack Bauer's Entourage
It's a memorial to the fallen from the civil war! #questival
Beau Athlete
Americas first president at NC State Capital #questival
Because belief in One's Self is important! #questival
Obviously you're not a llama.
This statue honors all those past and present that have served in the military. With an uncle, three grandparents, and currently a brother serving in the Marines, this statue (and the "flame of freedom") speak of the sacrifice those individuals and their families have made. Semper fi. #questival
Summon Your Llama Powers
This guy looks like Teddy Roosevelt but with no glasses he also believed in the ability of citizens to reason for themselves. #questival
The Illamanati
Charles Duncan McIver: founder of UNC! #questival
Bananas in Pajamas
This statue is important because it commemorates the sacrifices of Vietnam veterans who died in an unjust war. #questival
Alpacan Heat
North Carolinian presidents!!! #alpacanheat #questival
Blood, Sweat and Beers
Enlarged our national boundaries, revitalized our American democracy and defend our constitution! #questival
Mc Iver was an advocate for childrens education which is important to everyones future. #questival
Rock me Llamadeus
Charles Duncan McIver was a champion of education in North Carolina and founder and first president of UNC #questival
We shall not forget the fighters of North Carolina who gallantly lost their lives while protecting the ppl and property of the great state of North Carolina! #questival
Vicious and Delicious
This statue is important because it is a Vietnam Marines Memorial. These marines deserve to be remembered. #questival
Raleigh Scavages
Zebulon Baird Vance was a confederate military officer in the Civi War, also the 42 and 43 governor of North Carolina! Provided the most army supplies in the confederacy in throughout the entire South! #TheSouthWillRiseAgain #questival
Run?! We thought you said RUM!!
Zebulon Baird Vance was a confederate military officer in the civil war. #questival
The Brewnicorns
The women in the confederate helped support their families and take care of the home while the men were at war. #questival
Lorenzo Llamas
Honoring WWII vets! #questival
Lady Killers
50th governor of NC, and strong proponent of the public school systems #questival
Who's your Llama
Educational statesmen in the late 1800s #questival
Doge Squad
this statue is located in the north carolina museum of art. we feel that its important because some people are unaware of how much of an artistic impact north carolina has on the art community. #questival
Tyrannosaurus Rx
Charles Duncan McIver, the first president of UNC-G, Rett's alma mater! #tyrannosaurusrx #questival
William Aycock Statue at the capital because Greensboro has a street named after him. #teamawesome #questival
So much respect to first responders who risk their lives to save others. #questival
Questicles and Uteraces
Vance was the governor at one point and shielded the city from Union troops #questival
Hakuna Ma-llama
US Presidents from NC! #questival
kitchen krew
Honoring our past presidents #questival
Shelf-stable Yogurts
This statue is of the men North Carolina has sent to the presidency. Polk, Jax, and Johnson were all born in NC though jax's birthplace is actually disputed #questival
This statue is to commemorate the women who supported the confederate soldiers and army through the civil war #questival
We. Eat. Cake. For. Breakfast.
I would have all our people believe in their power to accomplish as must as can be done. He was an education governor! And he died giving a speech about education. #questival
World War 2 memorial at the capitol is important to me because my grandfather fought in WW2. #questival
This obelisk honors fallen Confederate soldiers from the Civil War. #questival
The Couch Mollusks
The statue honors the sacrifice and hardships of women in N.C. During the civil war. #questival
You Go Glen Coco!
To honor the US Vietnam Veteran Marine Core #questival
Adventure? Alpaca my bags!
This statue is a symbol to remind people that anything can be done #questival
That Team
The statue commemorates the confederate dead lost in the Civil War. #questival
My Llama Don't Like You & She Likes Everyone
It commemorates all of our fallen veterans and those who have fought valiantly for our country #questival
Bad Cattitudes
Statue to our confederate dead, this is our kin. #questival
The Young, Wild & Free
It's important because it's a great Memorial for men and WOMEN who served in WW2 #questival
The Duffalos
The presidents: James Knox Polk, He enlarged our national boundaries. Andrew Jackson, He revitalized american democracy. Andrew Johnson, He defended the constitution. #questival
he made education. all of it. #questival
this honors fallen soldiers #questival
Alpaca Bowl For Two
Peace, plenty, and contentment reign throughout our borders, and our beloved country present - President James k polk #questival
Mysterious Llamas
This statue is important to us because we admire the 3 presidents that came from North Carolina! #questival
The BULLies
We salute George Washington #questival
The Boonerangs
Zebulon Baird Vance was a critical part of North Carolina as he helped usher the state out of civil war #theboonerangs #questival
Make America Adventure Again
McIver was the founder of UNCG #questival
Lollygagging Llamas
Statue to honor the confederate dead #questival
The Much Feared GOATs
This statue is important because it honors women in history who were often overlooked. #GenderEquality #questival
Gouda Cheese
This statue is at the State Capitol building and reads, "To Our Confederate Dead". This is important because it represents the divide in this country during the civil war, and how some cultural differences are still prevalent. #questival
Wolves in Llama's Clothing
World War II statue to commemorate those who fought to keep the flame of freedom burning. #questival
The Under Achievers
Reconstruction of families in the south. # women doing things #questival
Teenage Mutant Ninja Llamas
Educational leader! McAvert! #questival
But I'm not eating any bugs
Proud to have family and friends who have served #questival
They Made Me Do It
Zebulon Vance, governor during the civil war. #questival
Garden Gnomes
These three US presidents helped to shape our country's history! #questival
This important statue is to honor Vietnam Veterans. #questival
Dabby Dabby Doo with Wet Waffles.. Willy?
in dedication to all of the men and women of north Carolina that have fought and died in all the wars #questival
The Never-Nudes
Charles Duncan McIver was the founder and first president of UNCG.#education #mymomwentthere #questival
#kcthrillseekers Charles Duncan McIver, the educational statesman... we are all teachers and education js our passion #questival
Flying Rabid Pirates
Aycock the man who advocated for ideals of public service. #questival
presidents are important #questival
Death Doom & Destruction
The women of the confederacy worked their hardest to give the men a home and good food to come back to when they got back from war! They are an inspiration! #questival
to honor the men & women of NC who served in the Vietnam War with dignity and honor #questival
Run A Muck
Charles McIver - founded UNCG #HigherLearning #KnowledgeIsPower #questival
The Barack O'Llamas
John Aycock: equal rights of every child to have the opportunity to achieve what grow and reach full potential. #questival
Win or Lose, We Booze!
#americanpride Presidents representing NC! They fought for us! #questival
NC Vibes
lest we forget. #questival
Chinky Pooted
This statue honors our Vietnam Verans. #questival
Life's a Niche
He enlarged our national boundaries and defended the constitution #questival
99 Problems But a Beach Ain't 1
Always take time to remember the real sacrifices that were made for our freedom. They're not just stories or names passed down. They are real people willing to lay down their lives to help give us the most in life. #honor #sacrifice #statue #dogood #cotopaxi #99problems #questival
andrew jackson defined the constitution and james polk elarged national boundaries #questival
A Tribe Called Questival
The three North Carolinian presidents!! Jackson, Johnson and Polk (a UNC alum). Although no one is actually super sure where Jackson was born?? #questival
The Quintapeds
Charles Duncan McIver. He was the educational statesman! He was the founder and first president of the institution now known as the University of North Carolina Greensboro! Go Spartans! One of our teammates graduated from there! #questival
Goat in a boat!
In front of the Vietnam veterans statue at the state capital. It is important because if the sacrifices made by our soldiers. Thank you to all servicemen and women for your strength, bravery, and sacrifice. #questival
history repeats #questival
Polk added more territory did the United States any other president Johnson was an alcoholic and punished the south after the civil war and Jackson forcibly removed the Cherokee from the southeast United States #teachered #questival
we're not high, i promise.
The first president of the United States #questival
Miami Vice
Vietnam Veterans Memorial #questival
It must be nice, to have Washington on your side! Why is George Washington important? Well for one thing, he taught the nation to move on by stepping down from his position as president to help establish the democracy we have today! #hamilton #questival
The Young & The Breathless
Presidents from North Carolina #questival
Alpaca Punch
This statue shows the presidents who came from North Carolina. #questival
The Asian & The Caucasian
It's about hard to see, but that's Andrew Jackson. The statue was pretty awesome up close and he defend the Constitution. #questival
The Alpacalypse
This statue is of the three presidents that NC gave the nation. They enlarged our national boundaries, revitalized democracy, and defended the constitution! #questival
Maynard Mayhem
#statecapital #raleigh #calibercollision #questival
Wild Geese
The Vietnam War Memorial. A tribute to all those who sacrificed so much in Vietnam and to the men and women who have served some then. #wildgeese #statecapitol #questival
Awesome Air Kicks
Charles McIver, founder and first president of UNC-Greensboro and an advocate for women's pursuits of education. #questival
Polk, Jackson and Johnson - 3 Presidents from NC #questival
But Bears Will Kill You
These NC presidents enlarged our country's borders, defended the constitution, and revitalized American democracy! #questival
Gold Team Rules
This statue is important because it honors those who fought for our country #questival
recognize or veterans #wearewakefield #questival
Joe Biden's Aviators
James K Polk is arguably one of the best presidents #questival
this statues is of james polk, who enlargened our national boundaries, andrew jackson, who revitalized american democracy, and andrew johnson, who defended the constitution #questival
We thought this was bingo.
Charles Aycock believe in Equality for every child born on Earth. What a great man with wise words. #questival
Da Boiz
Charles Brantley Aycock was important because he was the 50th governor of North Carolina and was a strong advocate of improving the public school systems #questival
Carollama Dreaming
Charles McIver, founder of UNC-G and champion of women's education #questival
to remember those fallen in conflict #questival
Aly & AJ
Spotted: Aly and AJ at the capital. This statue is important because we love our presidents and recreating these famous moments in history #getonyourhighhorse #questival
S'more what?
Because these presidents helped shape our nation! #questival
Gud Morning
#Women'sLivesMatter #questival
Llama Show You A Good Time
Charles B. Aycock was the 50th governor of NC. He increased salaries for teachers, and increased vocational education for African Americans. #ForYourEducation #questival
I'll Bee There For You
Presidents North Carolina gave the nation! #questival
Wacker Jackers
It is important to us because it honors the NC women of the confederacy! #questival
Third Wheel
These statues are important to us because one of our team mates is a veteran who served two tours. #questival #questival
L.O.F.T. Ladies
in honor of general alfred gray #statueisgraylikehim #questival
I got it from my llama
This statue is dedicated to the men and women who gave their lives in the Vietnam War. We are thankful for their service. #questival
Rado Squad
George Washington founded this great country (and crossed the Delaware river) #questival