Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival. (Don't forget

Scott grew up in the mountains of southern California in a small community of artists. #questival
Nash Quest Hunters
Talked to local farmer. They do not do farming in winter and spring brings them some work and happiness #questival
Hinton's Giggles
Cathy from Kentucky. She gets her horses brought in every morning for the carriage rides like "a NASCAR pit crew." She gets upset when people think the horses aren't treated well. She wasn't all of us to "do good" beyond the race. #hintonsgiggles check out @chasebatty tomorrow for more. #questival
The Mighty Men
Laetizia and Blake were nice enough to tell us about their lives! Laetizia Is from France, and Blake is from Nashville. They met through a mutual friend, and Blake owns a red Doberman who's name is Ti. Ti is only 4 years old and weighs 45 pounds! It was a pleasure meeting these three. Enjoy Nashville guys! #questival
Llamas with Hats
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Mean Girls BS
This couple grew up at the base of Mt. Cotopaxi. They are enjoying sightseeing around Nashville. #questival
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Omar J, engineer at University of Illinois. Meeting colleagues no matter where he is at in the world. #questival
Here for the Backpack
Family from Rochester, New York here for a volleyball tournament. Loving escaping the snow! #questival
llama llama ding dongs
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kindness is anonymous. we witnessed a group of women stop to pray with a homeless woman on 2nd Ave #questival
The Fab Five
The owner of Gourmet Donuts in Mt. Juliet has owned his business, but more importantly, been a beloved member of the community for over 10 years. He is supposed to stay open until 2pm, but due to popularity, he is sold out on most days by 10am. He loves his job. #TheFabFive #questival
Louisville Land Pirates
Jason is a busker, artist, and phenomenal human being. He was trained in piano but learned the guitar after receiving his fathers instrument at the age of 8. Though he enjoys Portland and California, he considers Nashville his true home. #questival
Dirty Socks
"This is just the beginning...I don't mind listening to music that is for a female audience. I want people to know that. And that's okay." #questival
Shake What Your Llama Gave Ya
This is august. He likes burgers, especially in Nashville. He's from the UK. He's cool #ShakeWhatYourLlamaGaveYa #questival
Dank New Llama Squad
This is Cerephen. We met him at the Farmers Market at the Smiley Farms booth. He has farmed with Smiley Farm, located 20 minutes outside of Nashville, for the last 22 years. This weekend he was helping out by coming to work at the market to help out some of the others. That's true dedication folks. #questival
In Tents Junior Rangers
kaitlyn dreamed of coming to nashville her whole life. for her 26th birthday she made the trek from kansas city to music city for her birthday weekend of honky tonks, giant balloons, & laughter. #questival
Champagne Campaign
This is Rory. He is originally from Scotland but moved to the US to work in TV and film. His current project is Property Brothers which is why he was hanging out near Riverfront Park today. #questival
A Dore, A Bel
This is Travis! If he could be the best in the world at any one skill, it would be having a way with words, "to be able to motivate people." He plays killer keys, as well. #questival
Festive Balls
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She is awesome!!! #questival
Guac on Fleek
"The thing in life I am most proud of are my children. 2 daughters who are 20 and 16. The oldest is in community college studying early childhood developent. She's following in my shoes since I'm a teacher for special education." #GuacOnFleek 🥑 #questival
Nacho Krew
"I work for the non profit organization that puts on the swing dance events every Friday night. You should come out!" #questival
Irish I was a baller
Jamal: "Disappointment and fear are not in my vocabulary. I teach middle school, so often kids will get discouraged. This motto is motivation for them to never give up and to not be afraid." #humansofnyc #dogood #questival
Intermediate Level Athletes
We had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Garden of Babylon. His passion is to inspire the Nashville community to eco conscious about gardening and landscaping. Meeting him inspired all of us to think twice about being more earth friendly gardeners and people in general. I wish more people could be as passionate as him. #dogood #questival
Llama Llama Duck
Hennessie is a 23 y/o college senior, social work major who has a heart for helping people. Her passion is to work with teens and young people to mentor them and help be a positive influence in their lives. Born and raised in Nashville she's ready to spread her wings and take goodness to new places. #humansofnashville #questival
I'm about to turn 60. 30 years ago I worked for a high end jewelry company. After that I started a software company because of the things going on with the economy. After that didn't work out I took a weekend and watched all the videos on Netflix about bee keeping and bee conservation. After watching those videos I knew that I could do that. I grew up with horses, and bees have the same energy as them. Since then, I met this family who raises bees and feel in love with them. Now I'm been helping them sell their honey. -Carol Hagan #questival
Mythical Mayhem
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These girls from Nashville have experienced some strange Lyft rides in the night. #questival
Pamela likes her hamburgers plain and thinks Humans of NY is a porn site. #questival
Nasty Natives
In the vast land of downtown Nashville we luckily found one lonely other nasty native. She quickly rose to the challenge and became our missing yellow ranger. She saves lives by day as a nurse and fights Ivan ooze at night. #HumansofNashville #questival
Llama Arigato Mr. Roboto!
This is Alex. He is originally from Chicago but moved to Nashville with his parents when he was a kid about ten years ago. He was enjoying the beautiful day. #questival
Shorca Attack
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We asked sooo many people before finding this gem #shorcaattack #questival
Go Go Power Rangers!
#fromphilly #vanderbilt #mastersofeconomics #gogogradschoolrangers #questival
"I almost died twice because my lungs filled up with water. I have scared lungs and had pneumonia twice. Having had that experience, I want people to know that it's important to enjoy life." #questival
The Fellowship of the Llama
This is Lena. She loves eating corn on the cob "like a person". She's Llamazing.... #questival
Nasty Lladies
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Humans of Nashville! Met these amazing women at Rotier's! These women are best friends and teammates! Top star 🎾 players, and very nice and cool ladies! 😎 #questival
Teenage Mutant Ninja Llamas
Patrick the Uber driver loves Nashville because there is music everywhere here. #questival
Cash Me Ousside
"I don't live in Nashville, I'm here on a mission trip. We are feeding homeless men tonight at a church in Franklin and setting up beds for them to stay over night. We also help landscape for poor communities, creating energy efficient homes for those who can't afford it." #questival
Run Like the Winded
"No one captures the 'do good' motto better than her. Out of the goodness of her 💓, she runs a community 🏐 club." #questival
Llama Llama Red Pajamas
"I walk the walk, and talk the talk. After 10 years with Waffle House, there is nothing I haven't seen." #questival
Not Fast Not Furious
I ran the 10k in the in the Music City Marathon this morning #Humansofnashville #teamnotfastnotfurious #questival
Nipples of the North
Coach works at Ted Rhodes Golf Course & coaches track at Hume Fog. "If you can't do good, just don't do bad" #questival
Llama Juice
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Kenny told us a little about his life in Nashville. It's too much to fit into fifteen seconds, but here is a bit about his favorite memory. #questival
but first, llama take a selfie
"I woke up this morning excited because we have a family moving into housing today and I have the rest of the day off" #safehavenfamilyshelter #questival
No Prob-Llama
While giving blood today our friend Tiffany shared with us that she gives blood every 56 days because she herself knows the importance of giving blood! During the birth of her youngest son she nearly lost her life but was saved by a blood transfusion! What an inspiration of giving back! #NoProbLlama #questival
Hakuna Moscato
"I always wanted to own my own hotel. Like, one of those hotels they're one of a kind...It could have an arcade, something like that. It'd have pretty much everything and it wouldn't be upscale or posh. You wouldn't have to wear a name brand to get in or anything like that, ya know?." (White house, Tennessee) #questival
Chattaboogie Babes
"We met on a blind date 5 years ago and today is our anniversary." #questival
Matt's Magical Unicorn Horn
Q: what do you want to be when you grow up? A: A legit answer would be a surgeon... but I have these tiny arms... #questival
Ladies Who Brunch
This is Holly. she has lived in Nashville her whole life and has served celebrities multiple times at her job #questival
Pitt Crewe
"I immigrated to the US from Mumbai to work for 7-11 in Chicago. After two years we came to here. We like the country." Mr. Patel (who didn't want to be pictured) and his wife Seema own a country market in Cedar Hill, TN., population 317. #questival