Do a humans of new york style post about someone you met at Questival.

Bahama Llama
This lovely lady was so nice when we approached her to help us with this. She is from Davis county and was enjoying a day at the park when we found her. #questival
met these wonderful people. #questival
The Mostly Vanilla P.A.C.K
"My dad was an Aggie and my dad's dad was an Aggie, so I'll be be an Aggie I guess." #questival
Mom Jeans Club
E. Young is from Utah. He's married with two kids and he likes to go to football games with his son and coach. He played center in school. Not really wanted to be police man. He wanted to be a football player, and wanted a more stable job. #questival
After this we're not getting tacos with the teams that are getting tacos cause we weren't invited
"I enjoy long walks on antelope island... no really I love it more than the beach. Buffalo are in incredible" #questival
Muffin Toppers
Cora - a nurse who loves to care for people. She travels and loves spending time with her 4 grandchildren (3 boys and 1 girl). #questival
No Regrets
As a social worker for Jewish Family Services, she is brining new hope and joy to those suffering from dementia with the amazing program, "music and memory" #questival
Powerpuff Girls
Worst thing I have ever done was the 2nd beer that landed me in jail. I am the creator of knowledge. #questival
"As a child I was told jousting isn't a real sport. I was told I wasn't going to make it anywhere in life. I was told I would never win a single jousting match. But I always knew I'd win. I knew I'd show them." #questival
No Spit Sherlock
Dunkin' Donuts keeping us running #nospitsherlock #questival
Team Re-Create
Miguel the Llama. He always knows how to have a good time, helps people dance and move like no tomorrow! Miguel enjoys spitting on not only enemies, but friends too. Thank you Miguel for showing us a good time! #questival
This is Danny he is visiting us all the way from California he had a friend who is in the country right now so they all decided to meet in Salt Lake City and have some fun #questival
Burboned, Buzzed and Blistered
She's passionate about her work with kids with disability. She and her colleague work hard to Bring inclusion to Utah children. She works with School districts and non profits. This is her first Questival #humansofquestival #questival
Madi. "I came from California and came to Utah to teach. My favorite part about my job is the kids- they are hilarious and brighten my day" #questival
We met one of the top ten teams IN THE FLESH: Roomates from Utah they said they feel they have a leg up since they're from Utah and know the area really well. Their advice: we just go hard. Go Area 108! #questival
Rebecca has lived in Provo the last couple years. She works full time for a swimsuit company which She loves! Last minute road trips and Disneyland are regular occurrences! She loves a good last minute trip. #questival
Se llama Llama
Megan. 23. "I've always wanted to go to Thailand to bathe the elephants. It fits in with my life dream to become a veterinarian and to get to know beautiful places. The biggest risk I've ever taken was going to play collegiate volleyball. I bump really well..." #questival
Missing Obama Llamas
Utah Immigration Success Stories: Himalayan Heroism. meet Surya Bastakoti! #questival
The Snuggly Ducklings
This is Larisa. she's from around here. she studies floral design and the Y and has a very quick wit about her. #questival
Monkey Business
The coolest guy in salt lake city. Said he wanted to do questival next time it came to Salt Lake! He grew up in southern utah, was going to the university of Utah, and dreamed of being a comedian #questival
The Sand People
Kale is a cool guy. He wants to become a doctor, and works at a health clinic. He's afraid of snakes and has a gnarly scar on his chin. #questival
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What did you think about hugging a complete stranger for 15 seconds? #questival
Screamin' Llamas
# questival my new buddy I met climbs at momentum , heard about the race and swore to do it the following year. #questival
Llama Llips
This wonderful human, David, has just started his first job at Shivers Shake Shack in Millcreek. He's a hard working young man with a shy smile and a strong work ethic, and he didn't pause for a moment when we asked him to trust fall. #humansofnewyork #questival #questival
Boss Llamas
This is Amy! Her dog is Huckleberry, and he loves to hike most months of the year! She has a fear of water but her team has been super supportive. She loves questival!!! #questival
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This is Grant. We met him during check-in on Thursday. He kindly offered to help Lauren with her belly flop. Even though he didn't need to, he did it with her. Grant is always service oriented and looking for ways to help others. #questival
Team Llamacorn
Taylor from San Diego has lived in salt lake for three years going to the u for psychology. #questival
Team 'Murica
This is Justin Davis, he's from Richfield and is a sophomore in high school! He has lived his whole life in Utah. His youth group went out to Bullion falls a couple weeks ago and he loved it! So he is back again. He says he doesn't know outdoor things to do around where he lives that well and wants to know more! #questival
Mystery Inc.
I like how everything is close together, nice and clean. #questival
Yzma's Army
"My most traumatic diabetes experience was when I woke up in the hospital and had no idea how I got there." - #unicornhunt #questival
"I was out here yesterday and there was nobody. I was wondering why it's so crowded today. I've never heard of Questival. I'm getting sick of Ragnar. I'll have to check it out." #questival #questival
Mighty Morphin Power Llamas
This is Bryant, he moved from California to Utah to play football for byu. Last thanksgiving he got shot through the leg by an accidental misfire, which broke his femur, and had to get a metal rod in his leg. #questival
Pine Cone Club
Chris from Fort Worth, Texas...He is fluent in Spanish and Chinese #HumanOfNewYorkStyle #PineConeClub #questival
Questival Couple
Kerry Williams - all over the world mostly Europe. 3 kids. Works at huntsman cancer. Loves Questival. Eats worms! #questival
The Alpaca Lips
This is Jordan Mathis. He was born in Utah. Beautiful wife with two kids. Lives in Vernal. He works in public health. They joined Questival to find city life! #questival
Llama Mamas
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Legalize medical marajuana! #questival
Kappas Luv Llamas
Oscar moved to America from Poland and had to teach himself English! #questival
Unicorn Hunt!
This is Rebecca Ann, she has the same name as our teammmate Rebecca Ann and shared a campsite with us. She speaks German and Russian and is from the OC. Much love to you πŸ¦„πŸ˜˜ #teamunicornhunt! #questival
Lush Puppies
"My favorite part about questival has been meeting all the wonderful people." #questival
This is Cami from #teamtacostealers. An important time in her life was when she decided to live life to the fullest. #questival
Mama llamas
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Meeting Nick from Idaho Falls who is here with his boys for Questival. #mamallamas #questival
Bringin' Hexy Back
This cute team of siblings tries to spend As much time together as possible. They come from a family of 13!!! #questival
Kerosene Dreams
Cure and Grant have been dating for a year and are juniors at the University of Utah. He's an animator and she's in PA school. She's a California lady and he's a local Park City man. #kerosenedreams #questival
Dirty Bootys
Questival would've been a lot easier at 23. #DB2017 #questival
"Well it's for my cousin's quinceaΓ±era. She's cool. We like going to the movies, and she's really beautiful. I'll have to tell her that today." #questival
We Who Shall Not Be Named
We didn't catch their names but these tourists were so happy to be in Utah, hope we can all be that happy exploring this great state! #questival
The Bison Brigade
I'll always wondered what it would be like to be a doctor. So I decided to go to med school. When I applied last April and didnt. get in I was devastated. I was crushed so I moved to Salt Lake there I found the woman of my dreams and am now living a happy life. #questival
Michelle is from Sandy. She's in retail, a buyer. She's the best there is, so good she's won prizes for it. The real surprise about Michelle, though, was her kindness. "Can we do anything to help you? You guys are doing great!" #questival
The Pachillamas
I came here to find a better life, but it's too hot #pachillamas #questival
Uni Llama Glamorous!
i met Suzie during a challeng. she is a teacher, mother of 3 and live in S Jordan. #questival
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Such a fun team!!!! #alpacalypse #questival
No Drama Llama Mamas
Meet Eric Slaughter, from Iowa. He moved here from Iowa for his wife (they met at a high school party) and school. He graduated with an MPA. He's stoked to run this race with all his favorite hairy men he met at church! #welovehairymen #questival
Llama Llama Ding Dong
Kelly #questival
How Tibia Champion
"I'm a mom of three under the age of three! I've never been camping before and I've never been one for adventures but I figure Questival was the best way to get into it and have 24 hours free of kids to go out and have an adventure!" Annie - SLC #questival
Sports HARDER!!!
Meet Rush, a college football player for Nevada Wolfpack. How awesome is the name Rush for a football player?! #questival
Outdoor Fauxfessionals
"I've just been struggling recently. It's hard to make ends meet and to know what I should be doing with myself next. My mom was always tough on us kids and I felt like I didn't have much of a puppyhood." #questival
Questivus for the rest of us
Christina from SLC is a huge Harry Potter fan. She rocked a temporary death eater tattoo for Questival! #teamvoldemort #teamwhomustnotbenamed #questival
Made a new friend #coolmom #questival
On a Whim
She participated in a bike race across the state of Iowa with a separated shoulder. She biked 75 miles a day for several days, and each day she put her arm back in a sling when she was done cycling. Tough stuff! #questival
Hairy men
I just traded this sweaty hat with a guy who had just finished a long steeple chase race up in Park City. He's got my Ragnar hat. I thought it was a pretty good trade! - Heidi from no drama mama llamas. #questival
Oxford Llamas
"when my husband proposed, he brought a cooler and said 'Rhonda can you grab me a beer' and there was a ring on it" #questival
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Adventure Boys
This is our good friend Maddy! She wants to go around the world in 90 days, and be a Nigerian Picus tree for a day! #questival
The Lucky Charmers
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Thanks Josh for a great lunch #weolive #questival
Pawnee Goddesses
Humans of New York! #questival
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Baby on Board
"A few years ago my husband was asked to serve as a General Authority for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So we spent the last two years in Russia! Going there we felt a little apprehensive, but when we were reassigned to Ghana last month we were both heartbroken to be leaving such a beautiful country with such beautiful people. I'm sure though that we'll come to love the country and people of Ghana just the same." #questival
Team Voldemort
"We're Questivus, like Festivus. It's a Seinfeld thing." #questival
Pabst Blue Rippers
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This is Jamie. He likes to snowboard and do all things outdoors. He is from Arizona and recently moved to Utah! He loves Salt Lake City, he also got a new haircut! #questival
Hobbits Ridin' Llamas
Our friend from kakamora didn't get sleep last night but it was worth it because they are in the top 30 πŸŽ‰ #questival
Acrophobia: Fear of HITES
Important moment in her life was her patriarchal blessing and she felt god was aware of her. #questival
The Code of Paxi
Sara is one of the most awesome people we have met in the questival. She has no fear! From eating a beetle to challenging me in the brave heart yell as she throw a massive rock! Her energy is Super impressive and contagious! #questival
Utah Royal Limousine business owner chats with us at the Peace Gardens during a quince. #questival
Alpaca Bag
Raegae Rise Up joined our campsite! this lovely lady and her group had quite the adventure getting to our site!#police #questival
S.E.A.L. Team Ricks
New ZealanderJosh is a gentle soul that finds peace in thrilling events like jumping out of an airplane #questival
We're the best of spuds
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Birthday Bandits
"why did you do questival?" "because they made me." #illamanati5ever #questival
Cool Name Pending
"While my Dad was in the Air Force in the 60's, we were stationed in England. My brothers and I formed a band there called 'Johnny and the Blue Beats' and were signed to Winsor Records. We recorded 'Just My Imagination' before the Temptations, did gigs with The Doors and Paul Revere & The Raiders. When I shake hands with people today, I tell them they're touching a hand that shook hands with all four of The Beatles. Last year, in our 60's, we almost reunited, but one of my brothers refused. Now I run Hi Hat Cafe in Sunset, UT, which has a space for live music and comedy". #questival
The Most Interesting Team In The World
"I was looking for a service dog for myself, cause I have major depression and bipolar... I didn't know what I was looking for, and my girlfriend's sister had this dog.... I went to get him, and I fell in love at first sight. I've had him for a week and a half." #questival
Laser Wolves
Meet Karina. She grew up in Indonesia and spent time on the roller derby rink but now helps save the world through chemically engineering! #questival
Team Cox
This is our friend from #team. He ran cross country in college, is staring medical school at the U in a couple weeks and is loving Questival. He has learned a lot about life though and once spent two weeks sick with Dengue Fever in the Amazon. You never know what people have been through, but that's why getting to know them is important! #questival
"I just love French fries. They're just my main food group." We met Kelsey who is in another Questival group on antelope island. We took pictures of a buffalo together! Kelsey is from Gilbert, AZ and goes to BYU. #illamanati #questival
"We're weekend lovers" this couple knew each other for five years before they got married, and now they are in the same grad program at the U! #questival
This isn't trivia?
"I flew from Chicago to do this crazy scavenger hunt - with some friends and some strangers. I've been to Utah a couple of times and each and every time I'm blown away - whether it's snowboarding in the Wasatch or skydiving in Moab - it's always an adventure. I expect this experience to be no different. #questival
Bold Betties Ogden
amazing people you meet on the street #questival
This is Bailey. Bailey has torn her ACL three times. She was bound for the best bball team in all the land but after the 3rd horrendously horrific knee injury, coach decided that Baileys knees were more important than multiple world championships and cut her. #whatcouldhavebeen? #questival
This is Bryce! He lives in Provo and just graduated! He works for Edge with his best friends. Plus even though he signed up for Questival 2 days ago, his team is going hard! #questival
"I met him and her incollege, and her at work and I made them all hang out together, then they kicked me out of the squad haha" #questival
Last Name Ever, First Name Greatest
"My name is Aubrey from Queen Farina, I own a bee company from Cache valley Utah and I love supporting bees in a sustainable way." #queenfarina #humansofslc #questival
Belching Daisies
we met Jordan zabrisky and 3 out of 5 of his questival team are in a band called cinders #questival
"I grew up in Farmington. He grew up in Pocatello. We met at book club and decided to do Questival together." #questival
Save the Drama For Your Llama
"We love this hike because it's so refreshing. He's an avid hike and actually this is his first time hiking since his surgery 3 weeks ago...he's 10 years old!!" #questival
After this we're stealing tacos from the team that's getting tacos
What's your biggest fear? Spiders...for six days I would wake up with spiders on my arm. it changed my life. #questival
"Her uncle was my Spanish teacher and always said, you're friends with my niece. But I wasn't really...and now we are." On family and friends in the beautiful Salt Lake City. #Riddlers #questival
Llama Take a Selfie
We met some people at the pre party. We talked about traveling all over the U.S. and other continents! #questival
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Trevor #SLCSunbeams #questival
Our Peeps
Curtis the soccer player of Utah! Young buck at Davis!! #questival
Vicious and Delicious
"Major Minor" check out our Instagram page most.vicious.n.delicious #questival
Area 801
This is Katie! She is from hawaii and this is her second year doing questival! She says she wants to do it every year! Follow them! #Thepurpleturtels #area801 #questival
Flaming Flamingos
Had his eye poked out during a college basketball game. played with Karl Malone #questival
This is Michele!! She is married to the handsome Braydon and lives in Provo, UT. She goes to BYU and does videography!! Best of luck in your quests.#COWTIPPINGDWARVESπŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„ #questival
Elisabeth is from California met her husband in Chicago. She is a flight attendant, and she is Swedish. #sheisnotarealmodel #questival
Met this awesome cello player at the farmers market looking to raise money so he can travel with his high school orchestra #questival
The Squirtle Squad
Barbara had a passion to bring food that actually made people healthy. Her husband though she was crazy but her coop thought she was inspired #slc.squirtlesquad #questival
This is Casey, he was born with no arm and I just HAD to meet him because I have a son born with no 🀚 hand! I am amazed to hear his tenacity and innovation for life!!! We instantly bonded and I can't wait to reconnect after this challenge!!! #namaslay #questival
Small Arms
Caption says it all. Great guy, willing to dance for good! #questival
Tigers on Fire
Lance and McKayla grew up next door and now they're getting married August 17th! Congrats friends! #questival
Project ZULU
karli and teshina, from logan utah, like to paddleboard and hike and bike. #questival
"I love late night Wal-Mart runs. Seeing new and unusual creatures there is a real treat. Once I saw a bald woman." #questival
The Avengers
"sometimes you're heading up in life then you're sliding down with nothing to hold onto. I've been everythinbroker2gro #questival
Hackett FC
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#hackettfc #questival
Wild Savages
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Betty's House Mafia
"I like all the spice girls and the great British baking show is my guilty pleasure." #questival
SLC sunbeams
"First date with my fiance, Miranda, we went sky diving in Tooele, Utah" said Mitch. #HeFellForHer #DadJoke #questival
The Nine Inch Males
Justin has lived in 17 different countries and really likes llamas #questival
No Flat Tires
This is Whitney. She teaches history to 8th graders and has had an amazing experience doing so. She loves her class! #questival
After this we're getting tacos with the other team that's getting tacos
"I moved to Dubai when I was five years old and I've lived there ever since. I'm currently a model and do photo shoots back in Dubai. Although I was born in North Carolina, I identify as an Emirati." #questival
"I'm Originally from Utah, grew up in a Mormon but not really sure about how I feel right now. Religion is a big part of life and affects every part of life. I know my parents care about me and concerned for my choices, but then again they are my choices and I can't make them for anyone else no matter how much I love them. I don't know what I'll do, but I know I'm on my own path. " #questival
From Kemmerer, Wy. One works remotely for fastest growing company in Salt Lake. One drives dozer in coal mine! Yeah! #questival
I like long walks on the beach, fluffy kittens and unicorns, I believe in world peace, and the best night is spent in the outdoors under the stars. #questival
"My family owns a zoo in Indiana. I'm not really for zoos, I believe in animal rights, ya know?" #humansofSaltLakeCity #llamaskar #questival
Trash Pandas
Sometimes you just dream about tacos and llamas. #hony #questival
Questival was cray cray from the start! So many people rushing around trying to get as many points as possible. Then I met this great team who gave us solid advice and I knew this was a contest to do good! #questival
What's Your Spaghetti Policy
"Hey, you're beautiful. Where are you from?" "Connecticut." "You haven't been around very long." "You're right. And you're very sweet. It's always a joy meeting a beautiful soul like you." #humansofsaltlake #questival
Not a Probllama
"We met at Me Susan's class in 3rd grade. done friendships are just meant to be and lay forever. Ours is one" #questival
We met ericka in the middle of downtown salt lake, we spotted the green flag that said 'do good' and immediately stopes and talked to them ericka is from conniticut and moved here in October because of school!!! #questival
Rebels Without Applause
"Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?... I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself." #questival
Sparkle Panda Mafia
Rad dude. A real cool team also. Mike. #questival
Devin Weaver, the man, the myth, the legend. Devin lost his house, lost his job and declared bankruptcy all before the age of 30. He was then investigated by the FBI, and detained by the Canadian boarder patrol. The list goes on and on. The bright side of the story is everything now is all peachy keen && HES INNOCENT! #questival
Manti Musketeers
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The rock climbing worker - queen of NY! #questival
Shut Up Tina
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Shout up to the #broforce for letting us interview them! #teamshutuptina #questival
The Trainers Who Train
"It was just me and I put together this rag tag group of kids. We all came from this small town up in northern Montana and we just really wanted to have fun, so we decided to come down to Salt Lake City and compete in Cotopaxi's Questival 2017" #questival
"I'm a competitive swimmer and I broke my back when I was 14. So, I spent 6 months just kicking instead of swimming to get back and now I'm swimming for Brown University." #teamEZI #UFCD #dogood #humansofutah #boomshamallama #questival
Kuzco's Poison
Scott is from Sandy Utah. He went to Jordan High School. Served a mission in Raleigh North Carolina. Went to school to BYU and University of Texas. Is currently working for a software program. And he resides in Wellsville Utah with his family! #questival