Find these signs in Los Angeles State Historic Park and take a team photo, in the caption put something you learned about Los Angeles State Historic Park. Check link for photo, tap this challenge then tap GO >

Red Hot Booty Peppers
We learned that this park supports the local arts. Thank you. #questival
Littie Committee
#LittieCommittee #questival
A PARK IS MADE BY PEOPLE! Not forrrrr people. But a little for people because it's beautiful ;) #questival
Donut Holes
This park was created by the people to keep away warehouses. What a beautiful thing in an ugly world. #donutholes #questival
It was originally planned to be warehouses, but the people rose up and demanded a park! #questival
Llamas on the Beach
This park was supposed to be a bunch of warehouses, but people demanded it be a park instead. Good job LA! #questival
Purple Pigs
A park is made by people! #questival
This land was planned to be warehouses #questival
The Axe Elves
Learned today that this place existed #questival
The land for this state park was originally meant to be used for warehouses. #questival
Team Taco Cat
It took a civil rights law suit to create this park! #teamtacocat #questival
OC Llamas
in 2001 thr cya created a alternative plan to stop the warehouses #questival
Mam Fam
When this land was planed to be warehouses, people formed the Chinatown yard alliance to demand that it become a Park. The community made it happen #questival
#llamasofly #questival this was once a industrial area part of China town and people needed space to be free ! #questival
Wild Ones
Messy Kids
This park required a civil rights lawsuit to even exist! Way to go Chinatown Yard Alliance #questival
Vikings of Valhalla
The land was supposed to be a warehouse but the people came together to make it into a park!! #faithinhumanityrestored #questival
The Adventure Club
The LA historic state park is an important part of the community. Parks> warehouses! #questival
it's super close to dodger stadium #questival
This land was saved from industrialization by the Chinatown Yard Alliance #questival
LASTHP!!! #questival
this state park is a matter of justice for a community with limited access to open space #questival
Live llama and prosper
Signs! #questival
ChAMisul ChAMpions
also known as the cornfield! #questival
Blue Buds
The Alpacalypse
We learned that this park was chill af to Cotopaxi when they were setting up the event #questival
Fierce!! #questival
I'm Not Doing That!
Chinatown Yard Alliance demanded the area become a park. #questival
Get the girls, alpaca the wine!
This land was planned to be a warehouse #questival
Alphapaca & Betafisha
This land was supposed to be warehouses but the neighbors defended it!! #questival
Well we learned that the park even exists!! #questival
Working on it
Fact: there aren't enough parks in LA. #questival
Noooo Touchy!
Girls Who Hike LA
Suns Out Buns Out
We found Nicole! #questival
Fresh Meat
Signs signs signs #questival
ยฟComo se llama?
We learned that the land was originally planned to be warehouses! #questival
Kuzco's Cousins
this park is for people with limited access to open space!! #questival
Visiting the "Ellis Island of Los Angeles". #dreamerswelcome #parksaremadebymenNOTformen #questival
It's Complicated...
The park was made for a community that demanded it to be a park instead of warehouses! #wherethewarehousesat? #questival
Good Vibe
Don't look at me. Don't talk to me. No carbs. #questival
A park is made by people #questival
Five Spices
kekauOhana team organized community can make a difference... #questival
The Flaming Marshmallows
The Chinatown Yard Alliance fought to make this a park instead of warehouses. #GO #CHINATOWN #QUESTIVAL #questival
Dumbledore's Army
We learned that there is a need for more parks in Los Angeles! #questival
Cliche Team Name
A park is made BY people #questival
Honey Badgerz
Buns on the Run
The Many-Faced Llama
We need more trees! ๐Ÿ #questival
this park was designed by the people for the people. seriously we were part of the community groups that decided. #questival
This park came about because of a civil rights lawsuit, a state bond measure, a historical movement and community! #HagsWhoReadGood #questival
Mmm Boba
Backcountry Ravioli
Very pro-park. #questival
Made in USSR
People demanded that's this be a park instead of warehouses #questival
LA State Historical Park was built in an area with limited access to open space. #questival
We need trees not ugly buildings #questival
Ay Chi-llama
This land was planned to be warehouses but people demanded it become a park and formed the Chinatown Yard Alliance. #questival
A park is made by people* #questival
Enchillamas Con Queso
This land was supposed to be full of warehouses! However, thanks to the community (civil rights and alliances) it is now the beautiful LA state historic park! :) #questival
Lama Glama
this land was supposed to be warehouses, but was voted to be a park by the people #questival
Llama Take A Selfie
Can you believe this beautiful park was almost made into warehouse space?! #questival
Ambitious and Delicious
#longstory It was planned to be warehouses but CHINATOWN YARD ALLIANCE demanded it become a park! #questival
Powerpuff Llamas
#powerpuffgirls We need more trees, not more buildings. #questival
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
This area was meant to be a warehouse but people united to make it a park! #questival
We learned that if we want the full story of the park we need to call: +1 (323) 545-3999 #questival
Alpaca Cab
This beautiful green space is way better than a garbage dump #optoutside #questival
Turquoise Ninjas
Chinatown Yard Alliance was key to creating park access here :) #questival
is they UFOs?! #questival
Wild Kittens
Can you find the #wildkittens? #questival
Run like the Winded
LA State Historic Park is 32 acres long! And it has feature exhibits too! #questival #runlikethewinded #signsattheLAStateHistoricPark #questival
This park was made possible by the people. Thanks Chinatown Yard Alliance for working hard to have this beautiful open space! #questival
Thank you state of CA for making LA even more beautiful. #stateparks #wanderlusters #questival
East Meets West
It's a man made park! #questival
A park is made by people ๐Ÿƒ #questival
The Mathletes
A park made by people #questival
Where they at??? #questival
No Probllama
This park was made BY PEOPLE!!!! #questival
Fresh Creeps
This land was originally going to be warehouses, but thanks to the Chinatown yard alliance it became a super pretty park! ๐ŸŒฟโ˜บ๏ธ #freshcreeps #questival
Manubrium United
A park is made by people. The community came together to keep this land from becoming a warehouse area #questival
Holla for a llama
Abusement Park
Found em! #questival
Llama Hard or Die Tryin'
Thankful that the park we met at is not a warehouse. #questival
The Counts of ๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธlaremont
This park is a social justice victory, offering outdoor space for residents who would #questival
Part-Time Dirtbags
A dedicated group of people put a lot of time and heart into keeping this plot from being a warehouse row. Now it's a beautiful park! #questival
The Chessmen
To combat growing industrial development, the community surrounding the national park joined forces and fought to protect the land and created the park instead! Kinda amazing what people can do when they join forces! ๐Ÿ’œ #questival
A tribe on a quest
Parks not warehouses! #parkbypeople #community #llamazing #questival
Kuzco's Army
Fun fact: this park was about to be a bunch of warehouses. We glad it's a park #questival
Blue Rose
This space was almost industrial warehouses untill non profits stepped in! #questival
Partners in Time
this land was planned to be warehouses but people came together to make it a park #questival
Sllama Thrillerz
Civil rights made this park happen #questival
Team Sabancaya ๐ŸŒ‹
This land was planned for warehouses before it became a park. #questival
Climb On
I learned that this land was saved from being warehouses and made a park! Way to go!! #questival
We learned that you should fight for what good thing so that people in the future can benefit #futbol #parksmadebypeople #questival
Red Llama Pajama
The Los Angeles Historic park was the result of a the Chinatown Yard Alliances efforts to ensure the creation of a safe open space for a community with limited access to open space #questival
This park was a social justice win for the local people of LA. What a privilege it is to be here exploring the grounds folks had to fight to keep natural and where future residents and visitors can enjoy. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฝ #questival
This land was planned to be warehouses! Glad it didn't end up that way!!! #questival
NP_LAX - Power Team!
I learned L.A. State Historic Park is more fun with the rest of my team... #questival
Emma's birthday team
I had no idea that this park was the result of community action! #questival
This could have been a warehouse, but instead became a park but became a park thanks to the Chinatown Yard Allowance!! #questival
goFETCH Adventure
#questival People formed the Chinatown yard alliance and demanded that the area became a park. #questival
just live llama style #questival
Bahama Llamas
The land that the park is on was originally planned to be warehouses prior to becoming a park. #questival
Yo Llama So Fat
Trees are more important than warehouses!! Warehouses were supposed to be built on this park. #questival