Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

This is Cindy the horse princess and her trainer Gerald who were all dressed up for an Indian wedding. Cindy is a diva horse and has to be treated like a princess. Treat her right #questival
I really, really hate attention. Like, when people look at me, I totally freeze. Deer in the headlights. So I started trying to wear really eye-catching shoes. Then people would look at my feet, not my face. I was in a rush today though and didn't wear my best kicks. It clearly backfired, since now I'm talking to you... #questival
Lysis to Kill
We met Darnell at a gas station in Georgetown and gave him these flowers, he said it was his wife's birthday and that he would add this to the numerous gifts he showered her with. #questival
Fully Loaded Sweet Potatoes
Visiting from Florida, Charlotte was taking a break from her work conference to see the monuments with her daughter. "I'm just really happy to spend time with my daughter today." #questival
Llama Take a Selfie
Head cook at Georgetown, "I make sure everything is running good and people get their food on time." Thanks sir, for sharing your story with us! #questival
Nacho mama's llamas
She doesn't listen very well! #questival
Fast Turtles
"The reason why I'm so Interested in blood and the types is because I'm O" #questival
James just graduated from GW and is actually moving to NYC soon to attended a masters program at NYU. #goals #llamanade #questival
A child's joy in helping others is quite a treasure. Today, these two young children helped our team with one of our tasks, spelling Questival. Without hesitation, they stepped up to helping us during our last hour when we were looking for a last few points. We all should be more open to helping people when they need it, and helping with a smile on our faces. #questival
Skux Life
My dad was always good at listening and being patient and expecting life to be a certain way. It is what it is. It's a big imperfect but a beautiful mess. He was a man just larger than life. He has dementia now and it's been hard to lose that. But I'm trying to be more like him to honor him. #questival
Girlfriends for Life
Meeting great people who offered their kindness and advice, it was the best part of our Questival Journey. #questival
Poetic & Noble Land-Mermaids
"My favorite part about D.C. is the food. A lot of people think that there's really good ethnic food, because cities are an epicenter, but the best ethnic food is in the suburbs." #questival
Maized and Cornfused
"I'm waiting for my mom. I'm in 4th grade. I like to draw and my favorite sport is soccer." I met Gabriel at the Union Market and we chatted for a few minutes about him and about questival. #questival
Felucca Boys
This is Jake Sullivan. Jake is a classically trained violinist who's fallen on hard times and has taken to playing in Georgetown to get by. He makes decent money, but he misses the old days when he didn't have to worry about his day to day. #questival
NEONderthals 1
Kelly and Taylor grew up two miles apart in upstate Michigan, but didn't meet until joining the same intramural kickball team after both moving to DC. Two years later--the rest is history. #questival
Account on us to win
This is Alex and Tyler. "We've been dating since the 9th grade. We're graduating the first week of June but he's going up to New York for college to study computer science. I'm staying local so the whole long distance thing will be hard but totally worth it!" #questival
This is Anoop! A Colorado native, that ventured here for an awesome job in R&D for wedding wire. He has only lived here a year and eight months, but has lived in quite a few places already. His love for travel is already sending him to Barcelona to head up their spanish division! #questival
Cookie Cats
Missed the totem in this candid shot, but it's in our video for complimenting someone in a foreign accent. I just love the moment this photo captured too much not to share. ❤️Max got to speak Japanese with this lady and her daughter, and Jeremy and Lori reminisced about their recent trip to Japan! It was such a special bonding moment, and the dog was cute too. 😸#teamcookiecats #questival
Adventure Is Out There!
Young family from Utah, graduating this weekend from Georgetown and planning to start Med school in the Fall. Q: "What's one thing you would say to the world?" A:"Um, not sure. Is there another question." Q:"What's your baby's most recent milestone?" A:"Teething and rolling over." #questival
"whatever you want to know... I think we need more transparency" #questival
Play Your KARDS Right
We met this adorable couple in Logan circle while hammocking! They are getting married in 29 days after being together for nearly 10 years. That's since high school! Wishing you the best, kevin and Amanda! #questival
I'm blue llama dee llama die
Sasha moved to Virginia from the Dominican Republic with her family when she was 5. She feels most at home when she's near water, "any water," she says, "I love the smell of it and the feel of it as it moves between my fingers." She hula hoops regularly here at the waterfall because "it makes [her] feel like [she] can flow too." #questival
Llamacitos Están Haciendo Calor
guy we face swapped with is cool. He was at the Sunny Bono park for the sheriff's bday & is involved in the city #questival
Running Goat
We met Jerry a Roslyn resident during the bubble gum challenge. Jerry works in IT for a defense contractor in the area who is a big fan of bubble gum. This is Arlington. #questival
Fluffy Ducklings
I'm visiting D.C. from Arkansas. We went to two museums today, they're so busy! #questival
We've got this dan pat
After calling out passersby to come eat at his restaurant, our friend here shared a hug and memory with a friend #questival
Llama Del Ray
"I like the new changes in the city but it's nothing like it used to be when I was young." -Scooby the skater #questival
Hi-Gear Parkour
This is Michael Steven Wilks. He wrote a book about The federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Took him over 4 years. He also wrote about Princess Diana. #humansofnewyork #questival
Llama Mommas and a dude
Everett (21) from Huntsville Alabama is here to do a summer internship on capital Hill both parents are aero engineers. He's majoring in political science. He's here at the monument to people watch like all the locals do. #questival
Black Questellence
This lovely lady likes to educate and prank visitors and colleagues. #questival
But First, Llama Take a Selfie
I just do what work keeps me here. Keeps me working.... nothing amazing happens, nothing excites. I just stay here. #questival
League of Llamas
Meet Matt and Cynthia! Graduates from American University and University of Maryland. Matt just earned a Masters in Law and Cynthia in social services. "We want to change the world together" #questival
Heel Strong
Cindy loves the diversity that Washington dc brings. She was originally from Virginia but she came here because she loves the fast paced life and she loves being surrounded by people #questival
Elementary my dear Washington
question: what do you love most about your dog? answer :she's always happy and never has a bad day. #questival
Lydia's Almond Cake
What makes me happiest is my daughter. She's 13 and loves electronics. I can't even keep up. #questival
Ad Gloriam!
Tonight we met a friend who moved to DC from Ethiopia to pursue his dreams of being an architect. Two years to go. #questival
Amy and Chris- "Our biggest accomplishment is having these two dogs- they're rescues. Mia was our first rescue, and she was pretty easy to train. Ricky has been a bit harder." #hony #hoa (humans of Arlington) #questival
The Rice is Right
" I DJ and my name is DJ Shiva. And I'm from PG County @shivasounds" #questival
Como es su llama
Meet our new friend Amaya, she's from NJ and wants to be a pediatric nurse practitioner just like her mom. She's got a great heart! #questival
It's the Alpacalypse!
Ben met Gabe at the gym on a friend's guest pass while visiting from Costa Rica. Gabe has a great impression of D.C. so far but can't wait to get back to his ridiculously lucrative zip line business and dog Marcelita. Ben and Gabe will remain friends (our take on the outcome of their relationship:)) #questival
Order of the Pharynx
Cherif was born in Africa and grew up in France. He received his masters in accounting and worked in Paris for many years. After many years of working long hours, he developed an addiction to prescription drugs. In order to save his life he moved to America and fell in love with a woman in DuPont Circle who encouraged him to pursue his art. Now he paints while listening to music and dancing. His art is now featured on PBS and he is currently writing his first book. #questival
Dalai Llamas
He showed how to do soldier push up and told us about soldier life. Great guy!! #questival
"I did my undergrad at Gallaudet University and planned to go to Israel for 6 months. But 6 months turned into 5 years. I ended up getting my masters degree at Tel Aviv University in Teaching English. I taught Deaf students from 1st grade to college. I just came back this last February." #questival
Unicorn Funshine Bears
People have a lot on their minds, but when they listen and dance together​, they can really lay back after work. #questival
Peace Walkers
Most embarrassing moment: I was signing for school play and an actor on stage threw a condom and it landed next to me. #questival
DC Cozzacks
Dwight is a WWII veteran. He collects names in his small thick notebook and prays for people. He does over 200 push-ups, pull-ups and squats a day, and encouraged young people to take care of their health. He's happily married and hopes his wife will not see this picture. 😜 #questival
Swordfish Astronauts
My name is Paris, I'm 48, the most difficult thing today is to get color on everyone that runs by. #humans #colorrun #questival
Competing in the Style of Pearl Jam
Born on December 16, Brandon has lived in Rosslyn for 2 years. He moved to the area from Barcelona after his 3 year relationship with Sara McBeth ended. He hates liars, says honesty doesn't come easy but the truth always creeps up in the end. When asked what's next for him, Brandon talks about the future with an easy going assuredness, like it's already decided by some unknown higher power. As we say goodbye and good luck, he emphasizes the importance of never wasting beer and grabs us each for a hug without asking. #questival
Wild Wilderness Women
Naomi volunteers with Tree Stewards. She's trying to secure funding to re-establish a Rosslyn tree planting! #questival
F[law]less L[law]mas
Abiola moved to the US from Nigeria when he was 7 years old. He faced the difficulties of moving to a new country but has taken advantage of the numerous opportunities his parents brought him to the US for. He now works for NOAA as a Computer Design and will be starting his PhD in Computer technology in New Orleans!! Our favorite quote from him - "I just think a Hula Hoop would make my afternoon here better. #HumansofDC #questival
"I'm 71 and wearing a dapper will suit. I live for this, take as many photos as you'd like!" #questival
Mighty Mighty Mo Mos
Tyler has been part of the Boy Scouts of America for 3 years. He thinks it's a great program, that looks good on resumes and will help him in the future. To him D.C. Is a great city with lots of great things to see. #questival
Llama Llama Red Pajama
Marilyn lived in California she just retired and moved here to be closer to family. She has had 5 careers, most recently in an assisted living center. She's helped with 120 funerals, seen 200 people die. She's also owned 15 motorcycles. #shesprettyamazing #questival
This is Pat and Steve. They've been working in the city as iron workers for 5 years They both come to this corner every day for a quick lunch and to relax for a minute. #thanks #questival
Llama McLlamaFace
Brok, from Germantown, got into street art after seeing some art in an underground walk way. He just finished this piece earlier today. #questival
Obama's Llamas
I'm painting over an old painting of roses for these. I'm always willing to paint over a good painting to try for something great. I love the warmth of the colors, the Abraham Darby roses have so much depth. #questival
No prob-llama
Erika grew up in Myersville, MD. "I was raised riding four-wheelers, that's my truck outside. I want to join the military, the navy. I want to see as much as I can." #questival
Auspicious Investments
Boot camp instructor and sports psychology consultant. Lives his dream working for himself instead of the man. His name is Ryan and he is from DC. #questival
Paula Deen's Butter Churners
"I've lived in D.C. for a few years now but honestly I miss Florida. There just aren't as many beaches here." #questival
The Team Who Shall Not Be Named
"I freakin' love this city. Favorite part of DC? Georgetown." Paul is a bartender at Thunder Burger Bar from Massachusetts who moved to DC for work. He loves what he does and wants to make a friend out of every customer. He's seen the city transform and loves where it's going! #questival
Kelly Mia. Born in Vietnam where puppies used to pee on her. Now a senior in Washington DC with dreams of culinary school. We took her Prom photos at the Jefferson Memorial. She told us her story. #HONYstyle #questival
Nacho Baby Llama
this father son trio, are history buffs, from TX, hitting some of the major American spots on the east coast. #questival
2 Infinity and Beyond!
Moving out of my parents house was one of the hardest things I've had to do. It's been a year, but I still get really homesick sometimes. I just miss...having girl talk with my mom. You know? Someone to have those conversations with freely. I moved in with my boyfriend's family and we're just not as close as I wish we would. #questival
Dynamic duo
Met this amazing Ukraine woman tonight. She has been in the states since 2010. She has a beautiful smile and a friendly personality! #questival
Maku Maku
"We all met 67 years ago. Sunday school, church choir, youth dances." "We would do the jive! You don't even know what that is!" #questival
Butterfly Piss
We met this lovely student teacher friend Brooke, who will be graduating next week! "I can't believe you guys asked me about my story, my life is actually interesting right now! [I was first interested in this field of using art in an education setting for adults with disabilities]. The way the teachers plan lessons for them, fitting their needs is just really cool, and I wanted to be a part of it. You can do it through dance, rhythm, I just really like it." #questival
Kendrick Llamas
us: "what inspires you to get up in the morning?" her: "my husband" us: "can you elaborate?" her: "morning wood" #questival
Saving Ryan's Privates
Meet baby August. Surprisingly he was not born in August but during last year's blizzard. When not baby modeling his hobbies include loving his mom, giggling, and doing good. #questival