Visit the Zero Milestone and take a video explaining its significance to D.C.

Drinkers with a Running Problem
Gotta start somewhere. #zero #distancefrominterstates #startoftranscon #questival
Llamacitos Están Haciendo Calor
Zero Milestone, when it was built, marked the initial milestone from which all roads in the US should be reckoned. #questival
No prob-llama
All roads in America are measured from this stone #questival
Just looking for my wallet
Zero milestone! #questival
Teen Girl Squad
Screenshots from our video since this was supposed to be a video but will only let us use photos for some reason. #resourceful #teengirlsquad #questival
a screenshot of a video because the app will only accept pictures #questival
Taco Cat
Tried to submit video, but only photo. #rachelwasatourguide #zeromilestone #teamtacocat #questival
The Go-Go-Gos
Marks the start of all measure points in america.....was supposed to at least.... #questival
Llama Mommas and a dude
Zero milestone- the point that all roads were supposed to be measured from in the US but only those closest to DC followed that. #questival
Stay Gold, Pony Boy
Jareth's Bulge
This says video but will only accept pics! We took a screenshot of our video. Streets in DC are measured from this point! #questival
Kau Pule
It said take a video, but we could only upload a picture! #questival
Can we sleep past 5am?
From the mile marker all other mile markers in America start, well that was the original idea. #questival
Very Little Gravitas Indeed
We took a video and posted the picture! #questival
Competing in the Style of Pearl Jam
Be a zero. Not a hero. #questival
Zero market! The point at which all road distance is measured in the united States! #questival
Interstate distances miles to DC are measured from this point. And the first transcontinental highway started from here also #historized #questival
The Zero Milestone was intended to be the starting point for all Us road measurements, but only ended up being used to measure distances for roads in DC. Located just in front of the White House. #resist. #questival
Se llama Llama
When they ask for a video but the app will only accept a photo submission #questival
Llama on the Loose
Nacho Baby Llama
Paula Deen's Butter Churners
Zero chill at the Zero Milestone #questival
F[law]less L[law]mas
Screenshot from our video since the app is only taking pictures for a video challenge, you're missing mad jokes about the current state of our democracy. #questival
Dynamic duo
#zeromilestone the place where roads start! #questival
This is the point at which all roads in the US were supposed to start from #questival
Femmes of Fury
Captain Crunch and the Cereal Killers
The Zero Milestone was intended as the initial milestone from which all road distances in the US are measured. #questival
From Ohio with Love
learning so much about the city! #questival
Morris Tree
Only letting me post photos. All miles within the United States were supposed to be based off of the stone #questival
Flash Effect
All roads lead to mile zero...or were supposed to #questival
Canada Buddies
Couldn't upload our video. :( #questival
Seems word to post a picture of a video, but here we are, explaining how all roads were originally meant to be measured out from this one. #questival
Questing Bitch Face
Can't upload video, so here's a pic. #questival
Storm & Studs
#storm&studs #questival
Poetic & Noble Land-Mermaids
We took a video but can't upload... anyway zero milestone was intended to be where all roads in the US were measured from. #questival
Rock The Red
The transcontinental motor convoy. Videos won't up load. #questival
Floppy Salmon
Columbus B Trippin'
Zeroooo milestone #questival
2 Infinity and Beyond!
TRUMP PUT UP A WALL THIS IS AS CLOSE AS WE COULD GET. Photo evidence of our struggles... have pity #questival
This Is It Pansit!
Felucca Boys
this is the starting point for all the highways in the US, where the miles start #questival
Maized and Cornfused
because we can't upload a video, this is mile marker zero in dc. all old roads stem from it #questival
Play Your KARDS Right
You said to take a video but we can only upload a picture. #questival
Auspicious Investments
The zero milestone marker is the point that every road in the US starts. It is mile 0. #questival
Obama's Llamas
Where all roads measure from in dc and all road should #zeromilestone #questival
Zaphod's Zephyrs
Ford the River or Pay the Ferry
Zero milestone! Pretty cool all the mile markers for DC roads start here! #fordtheriverorpaytheferry #questival
Maku Maku
All roads lead from it #questival
Adventure Is Out There!
Zero Milestone at night! Also, video submissions for this one aren't enabled?? The zero milestone is the point from which we measure distances for all other places to D.C. #questival
Casual Conquistadors!
The Zero Milestone was originally intended to be the distance from which all road distances were measured. Currently, only roads in the District of Columbia are measured from this point. #questival
Essence of Llama
The Zero Milestone is the zero mile marker which was the distance reference for roads but presently only the reference for DC roads #learningnewthings #videodidnotwork #questival
Team Leavethekidsathome
We took a video too... but the app would only accept a photo. #questival
Elite Hotdogs
Would not allow a video on a pic of our video #questival
Vision Questival
well, DC tried to be the center of the country, but it didn't work... #questival
Squeamish Beavers
Starting point of 2nd transcontinental motor convoy! #questival
my left quest just went viral
Says video but only lets us post a photo #questival
#wehadawesomevideobutwouldntallowustoupload #questival
Fried Ricers
We are not able to upload the video. So, here's our photo #questival
Dalai Llamas
#Dalaillamas beautiful evening in the District tonight! #questival
House of Wolfe
This point determines the Lattitude and longitude of points in the United States it's also the point that Washington DC distance to other cities as measured by #questival