Visit the Statue of Liberty, tell us what is at her feet and why it's important

Hakuna ma-llama
Broken shackles and chain sit and the bottom of her feet. It stands for the abolition of slavery #questival
Nittany Llamas
It's 305 ft tall. In 1886 it was the tallest structure in NYC #questival
The writing at her feet represents how America can take the broken and needy lives of any, and transform that life into a prosperous and successful life #history #questival
Baby Mama Llama Drama
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Alpaca Sandwich
Give us your tired, poor, huddled masses. It's important because we are a country of immigrants #questival
She symbolizes freedom for the immigrated people. #questival
The Vegan Femme Fatales
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We def visited the statue of library and checked out those feet. #statueofliberty #questival