Do a little research on The International Rescue Committee. Subscribe to the IRC Newsletter by clicking this link, and upload a screenshot to prove you subscribed. Tell us something you learned about the IRC in the caption.

We thought this was a pub crawl
We learned that the IRC responds to the worst humanitarian crises that this world faces. #questival
Pink United
50 Syrian homes are forced to flee their homes every hour of every day :O #questival
Peanut Butter Turtle Herd
The irc works with people who have been affected by crisis such as conflict/war, or disaster. #questival
I learned the IRC is lobbying against the Trump administration about the unconscionable travel bans #irc #refugees #questival
Vida's Birthday Entourage Part 4
...It's an insane amount! 800,000 refugees arrived in Greece back in 2015! #questival
Every hour an average of 50 families in Syria are forced to flee their homes #questival
We don't got this
Help those in need take their lives back after a disaster! What a good cause #questival
IRC responds to the world's worst crisis. Fun fact: it was founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein! #questival
Box 3
I learned that I really should do more volunteer work... #questival
IRC helps new Refugees to the US and Cotopaxi partners with them 👍🏻 #questival
5...4...3...2...1...Thunderbirds are go!! International Rescue isn't just a bunch of puppets on Tracey Island, it's a real organisation helping millions of refugees worldwide...amazing work guys!! #questival
supporting IRC! #1HUMPCAMEL #questival
Salty Apples
Former Labour mp David milliband is in charge. #questival
There's Always Money In The Banana Stand
Helps refugees become self-sufficient, productive members of their new communities. #questival
Mighty Manfreds
92% goes to the program! Much higher than typical organizations. Amazing to keep the money going to the cause #hope #questival
I'm Alpacked
IRC has been helping in the worst humanitarian crises for over 80 years #questival
Bellezze Feroci
Signed up 4 IRC Newsletter. An amazing organization that Albert Einstein helped to create over 80years ago! :) #questival
It was interesting to read about the refugee situation and the effects of the travel ban all on one organized site. It's also amazing to see organizations such as the IRC working hard to fight the consequences of government decisions for the sake of social well being. #questival
Step Aside Comfort Zone!
I love IRC because they work to help break down barriers for woman and children and help improve their lives! They help economic wellbeing, health, power, education. #questival
Brews Brothers
in 2016 IRC and partners helped 1.5 million kids get access to educate opportunities #questival
The Snozzberries
Learned that IRC responds to crises all around the world! #questival
Vida's Birthday Entourage Part 6
"More than 90 cents of every dollar we spend worldwide goes directly to help refugees and others in desperate need." #questival
The IRC helps refugees displaced by war, natural disasters and the turmoil faced by many refugees #teambloodshed. #questival
Sparkling Ducks
ready to be informed . #questival
92% of funds donated to directly towards the programs helping refugees! Very efficient!!! #questival
kits kicks
Whiskey Business
higher standards for water and sanitation #questival
Jango and the Janglettes
IRC serves those upended by war conflict and natural disasters #dogood #questival
Fearless Estroverts
For over 80 years the IRC has responded to world crises and helped people rebuild their lives ❤️ #questival
Team Vegas to Vancouver
"Of every $1 the IRC spends, more than 90¢ goes to programs and services that directly benefit refugees and war affected populations." #questival
That's What She Said
The IRC will put in place high-impact, cost-effective solutions that help people affected by crisis. #questival
So far, only 17,000 of 4 million Syrian refugees have been re-settled in other countries. Please get involved #questival
waFFle has learned that IRC has vaccinated more than 173,000 children under the age of one against measles! Take that, Jenny McCarthy! #questival
Questing Quartet
#QuestingQuartet supports the IRC because they stand with refugees #DoGood #questival
The Fast and the Furiously Hungover
Of every $1 the IRC spends, more than 90¢ goes to programs and services that directly benefit refugees and war affecte #questival
Dragon Warriors
The IRC helps resettle refugees that enter the US, and help them succeed in life. #questival
Better than the Rest-ival
IRC mission #rebuildlives #bethechange #questival
El Pollo Loco
the IRC helps refugees in the U.S. - unlike the IRS #badtaxman #questival
Third Place
Over 90 cents of every donated dollar goes directly to programs that benefit the people in need...that's amazing!! #questival
Dumb and Dumber
92% of each dollar fund programs! #questival
Not Fast, Just Furious
50 Syrian families are fleeing every hour of every day #questival
Grab Life By The Questicles
expertise in the fields of water, sanitation and hygiene #questival
Game of Phones
The IRC raises awareness and funds to help settle refugees in the US #questival
The 3 Llamigos
In 2016 more than 26 million people benefited from IRC #questival
We're So Excited.
we couldn't subscribe but tried! we learned the IRC helps refugees in crisis. #questival
Wild and Crazy
We learned that by participating in the questival we are helping fund refugees in the United States!! Go us!! And go Cotopaxi!! #questival
Airing on the side of stiff
IRC works in Yemen where 60% of the population needs aid. #GoodWork #questival
Chicks with Kicks
IRC teams provide health care, infrastructure, and economic support to people in more than 40 countries, with special programs designed for women and children! #questival
The Great Escape
The IRC provides relief and helps those affected by conflict and disaster. Always great to see how we can help those less fortunate ❤️ #questival
Melon Head
We understand that participating to Questival we contribute into Cotopaxi's cause, helping them raise money and awareness in creating new US refugees to feel welcome and integrated into a new life. Supporting with career opportunities, counselling support and more. #questival
In Debt Forever
I learned that the IRC responds within 72 hours of a crises. Incredible! #questival
founded in 1933 bc of albert einstein~ #questival
Vida's Birthday Entourage Part 5
More than 90 cents out of every dollar goes to help refugees and others in need! #questival