Take a team photo with the third largest statue in the US in the background. Tell us how tall it is in the caption.

Save the Drama 4 your Llama
You. Am barely see her but she's there! Lady of the Rockies... 27 meters tall! #questival
Sherpa Cats
Lady of the Rockies. #questival
Bork Bork For Now
88.6 ft OUR LADY OF THE ROCKIES ❤️ #questival
Lama Glama Gals
90 ft tall glowing in the background #questival
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Lady of the Rockies is 89 feet tall #questival
Dolly Llamas
Our Lady--she is 90 feet tall #questival
Nasty Cousins
One of the 3 is a virgin. Hint: she's the 27 meter tall drink of water in back! #questival
spousal support
Pretty 90 ft statue in the background. #questival
code brown
Photobombed by Our Lady of the Rockies. She doesn't look 90 feet tall from here! #questival
Rama Llama Ding Dongs
#butteafterdark #89' #thatsonetalllady #questival