Find or make a souvenir that will remind you of the past 24 hours.

This is our souvenir! We found it in a park and we're very sad that it wasn't Maine but loved it regardless! #questival
The Imperial Llamas
We all got Hungry Howie's bags from our first failed califlower take at the Oval! #questival
Recreational Hazard
Blue Barracudas
Kyles purchase at the beginning of Questival that became a reminder of what we did! Blue Barracudas #questival
Not Fast but Furious
In honor of all the homecomings today we decided to make a corsage for Kirsten (; she was also the prettiest gal at the ball. #questival
Mountain Mammals
Adventure is out There
our artwork on our flag is our souvenir. the picture means a lot to us. #questival
Llama Questicals
This totem is getting a special place on the wall. Toting this thing around all day, won't soon forget it. Thanks!!! #questival
My team shirt that we made #questival
Adventure? Alpaca my bag, but first llama take a selfie
We made these shirts! They will be our souvenir. #questival
So many ways you can style a bandana, just like how there are so many ways to explore Columbus #questival
Tune Squad
The state house started this all ya know? #questival
Konkey Dong
This seems silly, but this is the best souvenir for the last crazy and sleepless 24 hours. We've had about 2 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours in the pursuit on the coveted top 10 list, but no matter the final results I don't regret a single second of 2017 Questival. #questival
Slotters we are!
All Night Long (All Night)
#TeamAllNightLong We received soo many compliments on our shirts. We will cherish them forever. #questival
The Dirty Dozen
Had some good times over the past 24 hrs... All 24 of them. #balling #questival
Unicorn Poop
Badass Betties
No Prob-Llama
We made new friends. 😊 #questival
Alpaca Flask
We found his little guy whilst in line for some much needed ibuprofen. #questival
Theta Beta Potata
Our very own llama made from all our caffeinated beverages over the past 24 hours! #PotataPower #questival
Crossfit Cincinnati
Our sticker from Highline Coffee at the amazing Worthington Farmer's Market. #questival
Toucan play that game
Keeping this frame for forever! #questival
Roomie Cube
homemade team shirts with logo #questival
Party hat because the last 24hrs have been one crazy party 🎉 #questival
The Woolly Mammoths
A print of a huge leaf we found at Hayden Falls- easily the most memorable place we went #questival
By Grace Alone
#hikesfordays #chasingwaterfalls #questival