Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival.

Obviously you're not a llama.
This is Krista she has over coming breaking her back to thriving in physical therapy school at Duke. #questival
Death Doom & Destruction
A rock and roll guy who lives for the music. He has dedicated his life to music and wants everyone to join in on the fun. -Kevin #questival
LLive LLaugh LLove
"My grandma grew pheasant eyes when she was young and we've been growing them on the family farm since. " Cathy #questival
Summon Your Llama Powers
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Ringo was born on Halloween and is 3 years old. He likes to go for walks and doesn't know any tricks. (Ringo is he dog). #questival
Squaw Valley
I am a woman of extreme fluff. Sometimes people want to come up and touch my fluff. I am a human of NY. #questival
Mono Perezoso
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But Bears Will Kill You
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@bigmikeandco (Miguel) is building a portfolio to start a business as a photographer. He's enlisted the help of his beautiful friends to be his first models. #HumansOfPullenPark #questival
Both dogs were rescued from a shelter in Columbus, OH. This one was found crying in a cage by my wife, who is a vet student. We're pretty sure that our next rescue will be a lab beagle. #questival
Ready Player One
Lived in 8 different countries in 8 years #questival
The Adventurists
"I love food. I love Raleigh. I love people." Eric gives food tours of the Raleigh area #questival
Team Schatzle
Shannon has worked at Buffalo Lanes South for 5 years. Get this! She doesn't bowl. Ha! #questival
May the Llama be with you
Kbaw She and Edu paw are refugees from Thailand. They came to this country because they are Karen, an ethnic group in Asia, mostly Burma, who have lost their homeland and are persecuted. They are good friends and very happy to live near each other in Chapel Hill. #love #survival #refugees #questival
The Perkisizers
This is Grant! We met him today through a friend of a friend! He is studying at Duke. He is completing his undergrad this year and he plans on going to the Peace Corps in Coasta Rica for 2 years. Afterwards he wants to pursue a career or writing! Incredible! #questival
Now THIS is Pod-Racing!
"Wow look there's a lot of frogs mating over there" #humansofthequarry #questival
We. Eat. Cake. For. Breakfast.
#latoncsince94 #questival
The Aquanets
We were waiting tables at a red lobster in Atlanta. It was like my third night of work. And there happened to be a tornado that night. She lived closest to the bar. We went out to the car and we were surprised how calm it was. We realized it was not good. And everyone else went home. So she took me home. And we've been married 18 years. #questival
The Alpacalypse
How did you meet your date? "Freshman year at soccer try outs. The first thing I told her was 'Great Shot!'" #questival
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#UltimateComics #Chuck #questival
The Llama del Reys
"A lot has changed since I first got here, but I always the old north state" #questival
"I've been bitten by so many animals you can't even imagine" #questival
"My mom told us we'd never go to bed hungry. We put a brace face on at night to help her believe her goal was a reality. But the truth was we were often starving. Going to college was the one way I knew I could provide for my family. And here I am, a senior at state getting ready to graduate. Kind of amazing." #questival
Gate City Llama Wranglers
This is Captain Nicholson. He served during the Vietnam War and performed over 1000 combat hours of service. #questival
Llama Ninja
'We are making an effort to fit into the society and add value . It's does become difficult sometimes and we do get discriminated . But I most of the people are nice. Kids are more confident and don't realize the difference. #questival
Lamborghini MRSA
This is Bob. He was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and grew up there but has since lived in Raleigh with his wife for 20 years. He is a geologist and works for a consulting company. Thanks Bob! #questival
Bahama Llamas
Kicked it all off with a date night. 20 years later, now we are back at it again! A love that stands through time. Simple is sweet~ #questival
World Traveler turned Homeless Vet. #questival
Show Me Your Booty
Lucia is a little boss who loves to eat, especially cheese! She also loves biking in Raleigh with her dad. #showmeyourbooty #questival
Dont Drink Chapel Hill Water
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Why do you like planes here at RDU? #questival
The Brewnicorns
"I use photography as an outlet. My dad really got me into it a few years ago and now I have my own camera and it is something we do together that is special. Photography allows us to see the world with new positive perspectives and with the world the way it is, I think that's really important." #questival
99 Problems But a Beach Ain't 1
#humansofraleigh "We met and lived in Raleigh, NC before falling in love. Being held back by the laws of the state, we felt forced to head to leave home and head to LA so we could have the life together that we always dreamed of. When NC finally began to recognize gay marriage, we happily moved back. Today we enjoy coming out to the lake to play with our dogs and spend quality time together." #dogood #questival
My Llama Don't Like You & She Likes Everyone
This is Ursula Stewart. She has 3 boys. She is a 3rd grade math and science teacher and loves it because it is a rewarding experience. #questival
The Illamanati
"Butterbean is afraid of people. She's not going to hurt you, she just wants to be under the bed. She likes the [saddlebags]. I think they give her confidence." #questival
The Gryffindorks
Okay, of course you get me when I come right off the field... World peace. #questival
Joe Biden's Aviators
Mike. 21. Raleigh, NC. When I was 2 years old I was attacked by a turkey. I remember it was very traumatic at the time. I think that translated into a fear of dogs that still lingers today. #questival
Team Sea Slug
I love my bike. I love riding in North Carolina. Everyone is so friendly when you're out with it #questival
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Everyone meet Pharroh #questival
Domination Station
This is Charles. We were going to post this as our melon head post but Charles was such an awesome guy. His hat says AT&T but he was recently hired for for Google fiber. He works hard every weekend installing google fiber for people in my neighborhood to provide for his family (wife and 3 kids).#humansofcary #dominationstation #questival
Will there be snacks?
Anna, who works at Scrap Exchange. she is inspired daily to reuse and recycle, and the people there inspire her #questival
Not Fit But Super Lit
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Passed Kendra a handful of times today and finally got her to talk to her! Long day ahead of her, not ending till 2am. #questival
Brazen Hussies
"Look at that rainbow! Hey, I go by Lovelace. I'm an artist. Actually I just finished an oil pastel piece for my little sister. I'm here visiting my cousin; see her over there!" #humansofcolumbia #questival
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Bulletproof to the Bone
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it's a beautiful day #questival
erica: my biggest fear is staying stagnant and no longer improving. every time where i was challenged i've had the opportunity to learn and grow. #questival
The Asian & The Caucasian
"I work here because I work on the farm... I like to ride the pigs and hope to take over one day." #thanksmaxjones #humansofnc #questival
Whatever You Want
"My biggest challenge was definitely adjusting to college. Making new friends, learning to study. Huge commitment." #questival
Squad Cinco
"I'm just working a lot right now, my wife and I just bought a house in downtown Raleigh. We actually found it on Craigslist!" #HONY #craigslistfinds #win #questival
Gouda Cheese
"What are you most proud of?" "Oh, that's easy. My daughter." #questival
team diSASter
#goodbosses #badbosses being explained. This is R.K. He is passionate about his Trump "piss" shirt...but then, not. #questival
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We've got a bad feeling about this...
"We're happy because it's his birthday!" #HumansOfTheTriangle #questival
Blood, Sweat and Beers
These guys help returning veterans fight PTSD and other psych problems! They serve as a resource for our veterans and help ease their transition back into every day life once returning from war. #questival
NC Vibes
"Since 2013 I've led a recreational gay sports team in Raleigh. When I'm not at work, that's what I do for fun." #questival
Team ATP
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This is Molly. Molly was concerned when she saw our teammate lying on the ground and was brace enough to check on him. We need more people like Molly. #weneedmoremollys #questival
"Building a sense of community through yoga is my passion. That is what led me to start my "yogamunnity" - we meet every Saturday morning and have grown from 8 members to over 100 members in a little over a year. May all beings be peaceful, may all beings be kind, may all beings be free." -Deanna, Winston-Salem, NC #questival
Raleigh Scavages
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So fun! #questival
What's your favorite part of your job? "Traveling to exotic places, climbing mountains, and roasting coffee isn't all it's cracked up to be...ha, just kidding. But I really love meeting all the customers who come through here." #questival
The Never-Nudes
She speaks both Spanish and Portuguese, migrated to NC from FL, and got a Beauty and the Beast tattoo before Emma Watson made it cool. #questival
A Tribe Called Questival
"We were just tired of skating in the Apex park," said Andrew Phillips, high school student and kickflip enthusist. "We love the museum stairs but-- oh here yeah they're kicking us out now." #questival
The Young, Wild & Free
Humans of Raleigh NC why did you become an uber driver? "I became an uber driver because my work was laying people off and I was one of them, but that doesn't diminish the fact that I love to drive and meet new people, and this job is perfect for that!! I get to meet sweet, funny, and outrageous like your yourself #questival
Life's a Niche
This is Todd. He is from Wisconsin and debating moving to the area. He has 5 cats and wonders how the move will affect them as they enjoy the snow. He enjoys Pilates and one day hopes to own his own studio. #questival
Soarin' Seahawks
Humans of Raleigh - My name is Castor and I'm retired military. #questival
#wearewakefield #questival
Me Llama Llama
at Eno River State Park #questival
Alpaca Snack
Raleigh Fire recently fought a massive fire and protected our city, yet they graced us with all smiles today ♡ #questival
Gud Morning
"My dogs Moose and Lucy. Moose was abandoned and sick as a puppy; I rescued him and it was the best decision ever. Lucy is a hefty dog who enjoys agility training." #questival
Win or Lose, We Booze!
What is your uniform? We are part of Alpha Phi Fraternity for UNC Pennbrooke. It's important to be part of our fraternity because we don't go through hazing. This is a life long fraternity. We've known each other for four year and will be friends for life #HumansofNC #questival
Some Trich Named Rachel
This is Sasha. She's here for the arena summit funding liberal millenniasl running for office. Brand new organization since December 2016. She's fighting to take back office houses. #questival
60% Of The Time We Win Every Time
Cathryn: "how did you get that nose ring" It's actually a funny story my three sisters and I always wanted our noses pierced but our parents were really old school and didn't allow coincidentally one day we all three got our noses pierced in three different states. Our parents couldn't be mad at all of us #questival
Vicious and Delicious
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Garry will be retiring in 6 months. He works two jobs during the week. He is excited and stressed because even working so many hours, he still doesn't have a lot of money for retirement. #questival
Teenage Mutant Ninja Llamas
This is Matt. Matt owns and cooks at the Pizza La Stella/Smash waffles on Fayetteville street. His passion is to serve people so he makes a point to bring out each of his waffle creations individually. Today he made us a brand new creation: the waffle pizza. We loved it so much we took a box home. #humansofNY #questival
Shake and Bake
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kitchen krew
This is Ivanka "not like the trump ONE!" She is visiting for two weeks in NC, she loves our weather and art! #questival
Khalil, in the center, is a Marine Corp Reserve who is actively serving as a firefighter in the Oak City. He has two kids, who are "his world, the most amazing kids." He helped us out with challenges, and says he loves seeing all the Questival Festivities and helping teams out. Stop by the fire station to thank him for his service! #questival
Kung Fu P.A.N.D.D.A
There's nothing in life that I haven't seen. It's been a challenging road for me so far. ~ Robert (Raleigh, NC) #questival
Obama's Llamas
This man is a Jehovah's Witness and talked with us about how his faith is his "scavenger hunt for life". #obamasllamas #questival
Chris, from Delaware, part of #savethellamadramaforyourmomma, sadly cannot juggle. But happy to have him in NC now. #questival
Captain Planet & The Planeteers: The Next Generation
"Have you ever meet the empanada lady? She's 84, and she's looking for a man who's 70, willing to work" I told her 'you're a real cougar, you know that?' She just made my day, thinking of that sort of happy go lucky spirit" #questival
The Boonerangs
Lovelace and Katrina are enjoying family time in the city. One went to school in the Triangle. #theboonerangs #questival
The Pig Stickers
This is Alex LP, a native of Raleigh attending NC State. She works at Trophy Brewing. Last year she visited seven Canadian Provinces. She's a delightful traveller who prides herself on being a "cat mom." Her hero is Audrey Hepburn and she's one of the friendliest people we've met thus far. #questival
Introverted Girlfriends of Charlotte
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This is Darion! He is an R&B singer from Durham! #questival
Goat in a boat!
Milo is a therapy dog that helps young children with disabilities practice their reading skills. He also enjoys outings with his family and pets from strangers. #DoGood #questival
You Go Glen Coco!
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Construction was loud! But this man Moses has traveled everywhere and said the most interesting place was West Virginia! #questival
That Team
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Barack Ollama
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Jayda is a rising freestyler in Bull City. Friday evening she participated in a Sipher (freestyle battle) near The Parlour #questival
These courageous young ladies, Mary and Dani braving the city for job opportunities. From RI and SC. #questival
Tasteful Side Pull
This is Sal. A truck driver for 35 years (with 4 yrs in the military), he's been through all 48 lower states. #questival
he let us in dominos after the carry out hours already closed!! #questival
Slippery when wet
Humans of Durham: Meet Payal. Payal is a first year Masters student in the Global Health program at Duke University. She works hard to maintain and healthy work, school, and fitness balance by doing power yoga and playing cricket. #questival
Wot In Llamation
These humans who prefer to remain anonymous except Doug, are protesting republican's wanting to defund millions of females getting access to health care. #FundPlannedParenthood #questival
This is Brian, we had the opportunity to give him some food and listen to a little bit about his life. "I quit school when I was in 9th grade to stay home and help my mom. I'm not mad about it. She needed my help. I grew up in Texas. I was stupid though. I did something stupid, went to jail for 11 years. I'm out now, and I haven't been in trouble in 9 years. I quit drinking 6 years ago. People say you can't do it, but I did it. I tell people that it's a mental thing, and it helps to have someone to help you. They don't listen. My grandad used to tell me "you can talk to someone until you are blue, but it's up to them to take the advise and use it." I've been living on the streets for a long time now. I used to have a job back in Texas, $700 a week. I just bought an apartment, then I had 5 strokes, I lost everything. God did it to me to try to slow me down. I was working 6 days a week, I was always working. I came to NC to see if a lawyer would file my case, I need disability money. People won't hire me, everyone tells me I'm a liability. Organizations around here, the don't want to help just anybody. They don't want to help a disabled person. They want to help veterans." #questival
Signed Llamarosa
"Belle (front, center) loves the farmer's market. I bring her here every Saturday and we buy flowers 🌺 " -Kelsey (middle) #questival
Real Nasty Women
'I let the tea soak in the sun. I write words on the jar, like hope and prosperity.' #questival
Real Rugged
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Meet Philip. We met him on our adventure. He's from Canada visiting his friend at NC State. He challenged a teammate to a round of 'SKATE.' He's a high school dropout who loves sports - extreme sports - and gaming. Dreams to work in construction one day. Super nice guy! #questival
Save the Llama Drama for your Momma
From Canada and here over 10 years. A badass NP! #questival
Nasty Women Ride Chaotic Unicorns
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this guy moved from N.Y. to Raleigh because of his love of Raleigh #questival
Adventure Club
"I was born on Columbus Day, and my parents wanted to name me Columbia!" - Colleen (Co) #adventureclub #questival
I thought this was the TraLi Pub Crawl
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Had a wonderful conversation about The Triangle in the 60s and learned about the name of Kildare Farm #questival
oT from D.C. Working Durham with Medicaid patients #questival
Llama be on Top
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very very interesting indivudual. who doesn't like llamas? #rejection #questival
Stumbling Fairies
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The secret life of Easter J. Bunny #questival
Se les (llama) locos
"Forgive the wine stains, it just means the artist liked it a lot." #questival
Gotham Heroes
Cooper. he has been a photographer for 30 years. he started his career in prison and took portraits of prisoners. #questival
Adventure? Alpaca my bags!
"I grew up in New York. Something people don't know about me is my education. I don't tell people because I want to be humble about it. I have a bachelors from John Jay College. A masters degree and two specialists degree. I also have a phd in leadership. I've also taken courses at Harvard, Yale and Georgetown. I love learning and mentoring young students to show the power and importance of an education." #questival
Legends of the Hidden Questival
Miles for Myles. 23 - we met Myles in a park on NC State campus. Unfortunately, he was kicked out of his by his parents & this isn't the first time this has happened. He walked 22 miles from Wake Forest to NC State to enjoy the beautiful day & welcoming company he meets on this bench. He plans of finding work and hopefully go back to school while he's in the triangle. Myles had a smile that would brighten anyone's day. Best of luck to this sweet soul. #questival
Queen City Conquistadors
Started playing ultimate frisbee 30 years ago because of a cute girl wearing an ultimate shirt. That's girl... nothing ever happened. I'm way down the rabbit hole, I met my wife that way. - Brent Russell, awesome ultimate frisbee coach who let us in on his field time! #questival
The Sour Elephants
Owner of JC's Kitchen who cooks all the meals by himself and strives to provide a style of home cooked meals and a comfortable environment. #questival
Moms' night out
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Kim rocks in Carrboro! #questival
The Quintapeds
"I started working here because when we moved to raleigh simply I needed a job. I've lived all over; Minnesota, Chicago, providence, Green Bay, but my daughter dances for Carolina Ballet so we landed here." #questival
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We had a heart warming moment at the mall #questival
"My name is Blake. I am a sophomore in high school who works here so I can do cool things with my friends." #questival
The BULLies
These ladies are with the people's alliance and are leading the resistance against 45. #questival
Lorenzo Llamas
"I'm a state fan trapped in Carolina gear" #humansofchapelhill #questival
Crispy 'Tatos
"The happiest moment of my life was when my granddaughter was born. I was there for all of it..but when we saw the head I went and ran for my camera. I missed the rest of it! But I was there! She's 2 years 5 months now." #questival
"I was actually born in a pizzeria. It was in Rochester, New York. It was June. My parents were on the way to the hospital, but my mom was hungry as f**k, so they stopped at a pizzeria." #questival
We Aren't Ashamed of What We Did for That Klondike Bar
sing wagon wheel with a wagon wheel in the background #QuestivalDaily #questival
"What do you want me to do?" This is Iris she is from Florida and is the assistant manager at Wal-Mart Raleigh, very friendly. Honorary member of #teamawesome #questival
The Much Feared GOATs
"This? Oh this is my second time to Dunkin tonight. I'm an entry-level employee at a local company... you've probably not heard of it so I'm not going to bother explaining. The long and the short of it is that we do a lot of business with China and 5 am is my new 2:00 in the afternoon." #HumansofDurham #questival
Team RRF
We met this stranger celebrating his birthday with his daughter and her amazing friends. They shared their cupcakes with us! #questival
Veridian Dynamics
Meet Kenny... a patriotic and nice fellow from Oregon that loves riding dirt bikes and hanging out with friends. #questival
A Canuk and an American walk into a bar...
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Rekt Support
Kenney is an accounts receivable associate for a software company. He sees no merit in receiving accounts, he just wants the software. #questival
Alpacan Heat
Christopher studies boulders after a brief adventure in the world of placentas. He believes in the #dogood philosphy. #mostinterestingman #questival
Who's your Llama
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#Interview! #questival
Team Love-stained Potatoes
"The last time I participated in a scavenger hunt I got kicked in the balls" says the guy who is mean muggin' #questival
Aly & AJ
Erin // I started ski racing when I was 2 years old. I have been skiing ever since. I qualified for nationals in Oregon this year. My favorite place to go skiing is Snowbird in Utah. I love to teach sailing and I am an aspiring Doctor studying Biology at North Carolina State University. #questival
Hippies & Hicks
This is Carlos, and he taught himself to play music at 7, and is currently training in percussion as well as piano, while he currently works at a Mexican restaurant. He was kind enough to be a #humansofnewyork #questival
Team Tigre
"I'm buying party supplies for this group of Brazilians here for the week I met over the summer. They are the most extra group but so fun. We are making them try Fireball." -John Victor, 21 #questival
Make America Adventure Again
"Jared gets emotional when he drinks. He starts crying every time an animal dies on the nature shows." "I can't help it. I'm a Pisces." (Durham, NC) #questival
Boats N Hoes
We met a microbiologist looking for better days while struggling with homelessness and depression. He talked extensively about he studying DNA in college. #questival
Describe your life in 3 words or less. "Not easy." #questival
Pax and Papilla
"What's the weirdest thing you've ever had happen to you working here?" "Well one time this guy game up to me and asked if I had an iPhone charger. I said no. And all the sudden he just started yelling 'F*#%'!!! It was weird, very weird." #questival
Beau Athlete
a medical technician student travels to school on the Amtrak train to and from Charlotte. #questival