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operation whiz dingers
I learned that IRC helps find jobs for refugees in the US! #questival
Race-ist Bastards
The IRC responds to some of the world's worst crises, delivering aid that saves lives while paving the way for long-term recovery. #questival
Rum Ham: For Your Health!
Among other services, IRC offers English language instruction to refugees. #questival
That's What She Said
We are helping with English lessons, job placement, and education just by having fun and racing #questival
But first, Llama take a selfie
IRC does some noble work and helps refugees resettle in cities across the US. One of these cities is Salt Lake City Utah! #questival
Team Savory
Crushin' Crags
making a difference! #questival
Where the wild things roam
they help refugees! #questival
Team Best Coast
Masters of Mayhem
#donate #questival
Barack Ollamas
❤️❤️❤️ #questival
Lost in Place
Helping IRC who helps refugees who have been granted sanctuary in US become self sufficient #caring #lostinplace #questival
Virginia Valkyries
I had no idea the IRC responded within 72 hours....that's incredible and I'm grateful for their efforts #questival
Give them a home and love. #questival
Team Soleless
Aided 15,000 women and girls during the protection program #questival
Bell Isle Ball Busters
I learned that the IRC responds within 72 hours to aid these refugees in various ways as they try to become stabilized in their new country/city. #questival
Donated! We learned that 90 cents of every dollar spent by the IRC goes directly to refugees. #questival
Arlene & Alison's Day of Fun!
An average of 50 syrian families flee their homes every hour of every day. #questival
Only my couch
We learned that the IRC was the brainchild of Einstein #questival
We've Got Crabs
it was founded by Einstein. #questival
The Wild Morgan Barrys
We learned that this organization provides some awesome resources for the refugees it helps! Things like education and counseling help them get a great start in life #questival