Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Blue Barracudas
As a black man, with all the struggles and everything happening, I have to fight for everything that I believed to be right and true. That's why I joined BlōFish as an ambassador. They're a clothing company that believes in equal right for all; they're slogan is A4A -All for All. It just feels good to be part of something bigger. -Tunde #questival
No Prob-Llama
We met this wonderful girl during our trials today. she was recently engaged and loved everything about her ring! #questival
Your Princess Is In Another Castle
"I'm originally from New York, but I've recently moved to Chillocathe" #questival
Recreational Hazard
David's family are great jugglers, but when he was younger he wasn't any good. However,we found him at juggling​ club! #questival
Crossfit Cincinnati
Question: "What is your greatest struggle right now?" Answer "Pick one, dude, I got a list." #questival
Roomie Cube
Kaitlin is from Alaska and came to Columbus after meeting someone online in HS. She just got a new pet hamster today. #questival
Grimes' Girls
We met Joseph, a recent transplant to Columbus, on the way to the Overlook. He was nice enough to assist in our shenanigans, and we kindly repaid the favor by helping him find his car. #humanshelpinghumans #bekind #questival
Nachos: 5-7 Player Expansion
"Getting to have fun with all sorts of people is my favorite part of the job. It is true that when people come to service industry jobs they go to get food or drinks not necessarily have a good time. But here they come to have fun." -Rose at Kingmakers #questival
I've always enjoyed drawing, and then one day at school we drew with chalk on the sidewalk. I entered this contest with my teacher. #questival
His name is Mitch, he plays guitar and loves hiking. #questival
Badass Betties
Cancer survivor Angela celebrating her children #questival
¿Cómo se llama?
"It all started at 1400 food lab, now here I am. My day is going great, but it's a little cold and 8am. So, hard to sell popsicles." #questival
The Woolly Mammoths
"Be kind. Don't be a dick to people. When I was in college I was working three jobs and taking went credit hours so when people would try me, I learned to just walk away." #questival
Theta Beta Potata
We have a dog named spaghetti. He is a full blooded puppy angel. He is one year old and a handfull of work, but we love him. He’s s rescue which makes us feel so much better about adopting. #questival
The Dirty Dozen
"Superman is actually not my favorite superhero, but my girlfriend got me this shirt." #questival
Adventure is out There
Dean and Heather enjoy basking in the artificial moonlight of Scioto Park, with the crisp clean air in the fall. They love long walks on the river, relaxing in each other's arms, and getting to know each other on a deeper spiritual level. They believe in doing good, which is why they allowed us to take their picture and post about their lives. #questival
"My favorite family member is my sister. She's smart, she can fight, she knows how to dance real good, she can do you hair. I'm about to head to a NA meeting. It's been helpful. I've been going for 9 years." #humansofNY #questival