Find and take a team photograph with this mural. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)

Intubating Iguanas
Where's the mural? Replaced by the city! #WTM #darntucson #questival
Pajama llamas
Holyhead Harpies
They painted over it!!! 😞 #questival
Squeal Team 6
So the dude at some place told us that this replaced the other mural. He may have been a liar? Flag us if this isn't legit. #questival
Heart Hole
Many teams went to find it but it has since been taken down we think #questival
Desert Mermaids
Be kind!! #questival
Prestige Worldwide
Choose Kindness #questival
#Llamafia #questival
Team Mares
beautiful #questival
Team Lopez
we're pretty sure this is where the "Choose Kindness mosaics" were.... #questival
Emergency Dance Party Squadron
The "choose kindness" mural is supposed to be here but this one will do ;) protip: just do what we did for this one! #questival
Team Laika
The Choose Kindness mosaic from Ben's Bells used to be here but was removed by the old property owner a year ago when they moved. #questival
Here Comes the Pickle Train
So we found the spot that the sign is supposed to be but it's not there anymore #bonuspoints?? #pickletrain #questival
What Does the Llama Say?
We found where it USED TO BE! Tucson recently replaced! #questival