While camping in the wilderness document/photograph at least 4 different types of wildlife, each unique/from separate animal families. (Don't forget the totem)

Working on it
a bee, a bird, a bat and...a crab 🤗 #questival
Llama Del Rey
Which wildlife animal is your favorite? #questival
Kendrick Llamar
We saw a lizard, fire ant, bird, and a wasp at Chilao! #questival
#llamasofly the ranger station has all the animals in the area!! #questival
Daughters of Anarchy
It was amazing seeing hade and frogs camouflaging in their environment. #daughtersofanarchy #questival
¿Como se llama?
wasp. bluejay. spider. ants. active campsite! #questival
Yo Llama So Fat
3 unique kinds of wild flowers and a wild crow #questival