Two plus one equals three

COMPLETE BOTH COTOPAXI CHECKPOINT CHALLENGES - Submit team photo with both passport stamps visible.
Squad goals! #questival
Checkpoint 2 - TIMEFRAME (5pm-7pm) - Find the Cotopaxi team at Lafayette Park, complete the challenge and post a team photo showing your checkpoint 2 stamp. Plan accordingly the challenge takes some time to complete.
Val with the crew at Checkpoint two! #questival
Visit Lakeview & Ashton Mini park take a team video or photo at the highest point and enjoy the panoramic views.
high points are AWESOME!! #questival
Order some food and record a review as if you are Guy Fieri while you eat it. Remember to say "money" over and over to be authentic.
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eat me the money!! #questival
Blindfold a teammate and then feed them an unusual and secret food item and see if they can guess what it is.
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She sorta got it. #questival
Checkpoint 1 - TIMEFRAME (noon-2pm) - Find the Cotopaxi team at Mountain Lake Park, complete the challenge and post a team photo showing your checkpoint 1 stamp. Plan extra time, checkpoint closes at 2:00pm exactly.
Stop! Llama time! #questival
Pay your respects to the fairies at Faery Door in Golden Gate Park
My angel with the fairies! #questival
Write a note with 10 things you love about San Francisco and leave it for someone else to find.
Near fairies, where all wishes should be! #questival
Purchase a Cotopaxi product from our mobile store (at this Questival!), and take a photo using it in the wild.
I loved my new hat! #questival
Take a science-y team photo outside of the California Academy of Sciences museum. Come back another day for a proper visit (San Francisco resident free day info tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Gravity! it's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the end. #questival
Find and take a team photograph with this statue. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)
John was not amused... #questival
Take a photo or video with a wild Eschscholzia californica
Poppy #questival
Make a photo collage of 4 types of flowers at the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park. Make sure your totem is in each photo!
Flowers everywhere. #questival
It is NOW the end of your 24th hour of Questival, share with us the best photo/video of where you ended up. Don't forget the totem.
With the awesome team that made this happen. #questival
Make then eat a dish entirely out of condiments
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Taco Bell Mild sauce FTW (this is a meal for her, honest)! #questival
Complete the kickoff challenge at 7:30 (It will be announced from the stage)
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kick it! #questival
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at having parked legally and lawfully or take public transport.
we used Uber!! nice guy!! #questival
Take a selfie or a team picture with Miguel the Llama. (We will announced from the stage when Miguel arrives)
he so soft #questival
Enjoy the view of "Three Gems" has to offer
what could be a better view than this awwww #questival
Start an impromptu YMCA song outside the YMCA.
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When you forget the words but keep going... #questival
Take a team photo visiting of the last remaining relic of San Francisco's glittering 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition
glittery #questival
As a team hold a "wall sit" as long as you can.
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Wife wins every time. #questival
Buy some produce from a local outdoor farmer’s market.
this was such fresh sushi I know it was local!! way to go!!! #questival
Eat at a roadside diner, order the 12th thing on the menu.
this place was great! super fresh food!!! #questival
Find a Razor scooter, and shoot a 15 second demo video trying to get sponsored.
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sponsor me!! #questival
Picture collage riding 2 separate forms of personal transit (i.e. bikes, scooters, etc.)
best way to travel #questival
Creatively take a photo with your favorite piece of street art that you find during Questival.
create it yourself #questival
Take a selfie in front of a Yoda Fountain
Force be with you, may it. #questival