Take a video walking the 20' Slackline from end to end without falling off - hosted by Gibbon Slacklines and Xero shoes inside the Gear Village Tent at Snowbird
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Even with help I couldn't quite make it all the way across. #HarderThanItSounds
Get a picture with your Favorite Toyota in the Maverik Adventure Vehicle section at the Adventure+Gear Fest at Snowbird.
Spin the Toyota Wheel at the Adventure+Gear Fest at Snowbird. Take a picture of you in front of the Wheel.
Take a team picture in front of the Utah is Rad banner at their booth in the Gear Village at Snowbird and tag your favorite Adventure destination in Utah.
Take a picture of a teammate eating the Snowbird Tram using a "perspective" trick shot where the subject is up close and the tram further in the background.
Take a selfie with the Snowbird Tram in the background.
Cook and eat a Cookums or Grubstick treat at one of the fire pits. Take a pic of you taking your first bite with a delightful expression on your face.
Take a picture in Front of Truck Norris in the Maverik Adventure Vehicle Camp at Snowbird during the Adventure+Gear Fest
Party Selfie in a Tentsile Tree Tent at the Tentsile booth in the Gear Village at Snowbird
Get with a partner and get a picture feeding yourselves a Kodiak Cake sample while interlocking arms at Adventure+Gear Fest at Snowbird.
Post a Picture in Front of the Adventure+Gear Fest Entrance Banner.
Demo a pair of trail Running Shoes in DemoLand at Snowbird during the Adventure+Gear Fest. Get a picture fake running in your demo shoes.
Turn up the heat at Snowbird - One member of your team needs to Try on a Ravean Heated Jacket in the Ravean booth at the Adventure+Gear Fest hosted at Snowbird
Take Picture in front of Favorite Adventure Vehicle in the Maverik Adventure Vehicle Section of the Adventure+Gear Fest at Snowbird.
Attend the free Cool Air Concert at Snowbird. Take a video dancing with the band in the background. 6:00pm - 9:00pm
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Visit Tin Roof Grill in Sandy (9284 700 E). Take a picture of your meal.
Their pizza is........... Llama-tactic!!!
Take a picture of the sunrise
Early morning workout at Alta High School. #AllTheStairs
Perform a random act of kindness. Include a short text explanation in your comment. Do something meaningful and make it count!
I always try to keep water and some protein bars in my car- so I can hand them out to those asking for help.
Bake something and deliver it to a neighbor with a note that says, "You're awesome."
Boulder one problem outdoors.
Hike to Lisa Falls. Take a selfie on the trail.
Purchase something inside a Maverik wearing ski goggles (on your face, not on the top of your head)
Loving the mint M&Ms
Hike of the day: Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Hidden Valley Park to the Suspension Bridge. Take a selfie on the trail.
The playground and a mishap on a rock at Hidden Valley Park prevented us from getting much hiking on the trail, but we still got out and enjoyed the beautiful day!
Eat at Bohemian Brewery. Take a photo of your meal!
Turkey sandwich with garlic fries. #Delicious
Prepare and eat an MRE/Mountain House meal #CampEats.
My kind of MRE- ready to eat! #CampEats
Go to Sandy City Skate Park (10140 S. 700 E.) post a picture to Instagrm and add #otc2day
#otc2day #otc2day
Go To Scheels in Sandy and throw your fastest pitch in the pitching simulator. Record the speed with a picture.
I'm ~positive~ we would have broken the record, if it had been working😕
Ride the Ferris Wheel at Scheels and take a selfie on the ride!
Visit REI in Sandy. Find the Force Wednesdays poster on the sales floor and take a selfie.
Have a teammate do 50 consecutive unbroken pushups and submit a timelapse video of the feat.
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All on my toes! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Capture a Photo of Wildlife
Horrible picture, but..... there is a lizard on the middle of that slab (taken on temple quarry trail)
Attend the Night Sky Photography Clinic. Take a photo during the clinic.
Car karaoke as a team to your favorite song. Tag James Cordon @JKCorden & @latelateshow
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Rockin out to Moana and Dwayne Johnson! Check out the guns!💪🏼@JKCorden @latelateshow
Hike of the day: Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail. Get a picture in front of the sign.
A little too bright for those without sunglasses😎
Eat a real worm, not a gummy. #doubledareyou
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Eat a 1/4 lemon - video of your facial expression
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Catch a donut hole in your mouth that is thrown by a teammate from more than 5 feet away
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Find a peaceful outdoors space, sit down and take 5 minutes to relax in silence and enjoy the moment. (Timelapse)
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Pay it forward in a drive through by paying for the meal behind you - video telling the drive through employee you are paying for the car behind you
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Drop off a donation of clothes, books, shoes etc... at a donation center or donation bin
Get a picture next to a real Llama
Take a picture of sunset
Get a picture in front of an American Flag
Follow Cotopaxi on Instagram - @cotopaxi. (screenshot)
Train for ski season! do a wall sit for 1 minute 30 seconds. Take a picture of your face in agony. #feeltheburn
Climb at Momentum Climbing in Sandy. Take a selfie in front of a climbing wall in a harness
check out a book from the library - take a picture of the book and comment why you chose that book
It's a quick easy read!
Follow Off The Couch (otc2day) on social media (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) and upload a screenshot.
Follow Adventure Week on social media (Instagram or Facebook) upload a screenshot.
Hike of the day: Brandon Canyon Loop Trail. Take a selfie on the trail.
Pick up at least 20 items of trash at a park or on a hike. Post a picture to Instagram and use the caption: A Dash to pick up Trash! #otc2day
Picking up trash along Dimple Dell #otc2day
Attend the Dads, Donuts & Dimple Dell event. Take a photo of the hike group.
Beautiful day for a hike in Dimple Dell!