The Atlanta Duttons

Creatively take a photo with your favorite piece of street art that you find during Questival.
Picking the owl's nose... #questival
Play a round of Giant "Beer" Pong, Giant Connect Four or Llama "Cornhole" at the Festival with another team.
Take a picture with a current or former player from a professional sports team and tell us who they are / who they played for in your caption! The actual person not a photo, statue or any other facsimile.
Nutsy, the professional mascot of the professional Flying Squirrels while watching the professional Redskins? #questival
Find or make a souvenir that will remind you of the past 24 hours.
We quested to Redskins camp! #questival
Take a team photo on the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge
There's a totem hidden behind that tantrum... #questival
Take a team photo in front of the Virginia State Capitol
Sic Semper Tyrannis. #questival
Take a photo next to your favorite statue in Captiol Square. Tell us why it's significant in your caption
This statue is paired with a quotation from Thurgood Marshall about how the courts can knock down walls, but it's on us, as people, to build bridges with one another. #questival
Eat at a roadside diner, order the 12th thing on the menu.
All American Burger at Metro Diner! #questival
Make then eat a dish entirely out of condiments
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Grape jelly for dinner! (Doesn't count, we know!) #questival
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at having parked legally and lawfully or take public transport.
If eating mulch were a challenge, we'd get points for Molly's performance. #questival