The Magic Hatters

Prepare and eat an MRE/Mountain House meal #CampEats.
breakfast of champions #questival
Make your own grape juice by grape stomping, and then drink it. #sweetberrywine
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Whoops, most of it was for her shirt #questival
While camping in the wilderness make s'mores, (using a camp stove or another method other than an open fire), add an extra ingredient and share your recipe in the caption. Complete this challenge during nighttime hours.
cookie butter Oreos peanut butter chocolate #questival
Watch a sunrise. Take a break and enjoy the moment.
isn't she pretty? #questival #cotopaxi
While camping in the wilderness come up with a SUPER clever way of roasting one of your marshmallows for your s'more. Complete this challenge during nighttime hours.
Stove fire! #questival
While camping in the wilderness sing a pop song around your campsite. Complete this challenge during nighttime hours.
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All Time Low #questival
Make then eat a dish entirely out of condiments
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Mashed potaters! #questival
While camping in the wilderness cook a meal with a camp stove or any other method that doesn't include an open fire. Complete this challenge during nighttime hours.
Sausages for days! #questival
Camp overnight in a tent in the wilderness give an MTV Cribs style tour of your entire campsite. (Sorry yard/house camping doesn't count)
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Welcome to our crib! #questival
Visit learn a fact about malaria then Visit the Nothing But Nets booth and make a 15 second video sharing your new found knowledge.
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Eliminate mosquitoes! #questival
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at The Champlain Valley Exposition having parked legally and lawfully or taken public transportation.
legal af #questival
Have a member of the truth team snap your picture in front of the #FinishtIt mural in the truth zone.
it's the truth yo #questival
Play one of the yard games set up in the festival area against another team.
we won. obviously #questival
Pick a state or national park you want to visit. Take a 15s video letting us know what you would want to do during your visit.
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Find the Squatch! #questival
Cotopaxi Questival movie club: recommend your favorite adventure movie with a brief explanation why.
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Lost but not Lonely #questival
Visit one of your favorite local places in nature.
I'm being forced to use a hashtag because I like nature. #questival