Prepare and eat an MRE/Mountain House meal #CampEats.
Tasty #questival
Walk like a flock of chickens across a very public place. Get clucking!
Cross the street walking like you would be walking on the moon. Peace out gravity!
Write a note with 10 things you love about Texas and leave it for someone else to find.
Channeling our inner Miley Cyrus... #10things #throwback #questival
As a team do your best batman impression at Congress Avenue Bridge, it may not be bat season so we'll become the bats.
"Where are they?!" #questival
See how long you can hold a consistent singing note and document the entire thing. Make sure it's loud and that you are in a VERY public place.
Singing on Congress #questival
Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival.
These Arkansas friends may no longer live in the same city or even state, but that doesn't matter to them. "We've all been friends for over 5 years. Some of us as long as 12 years." They show that true friendship knows no bounds. #questival
Go to this link (click link and tap GO>) and donate to the IRC. Write a "Message of Hope" to a refugee on some fabric and give it to a Cotopaxi staff member for a display later in the year.
Making a difference!!! #questival
Challenge a non-Questival participant to a jump rope competition in a public space. Provide the jump ropes and offer a prize if they win. #goodsportsmanship
Jumping the day away #questival
Take a picture of an uncommon object underneath the sign of Uncommon Objects. If you choose to enter this eccentric shop, please be respectful and kind.
Very uncommon girls at Uncommon Objects #questival
Find and take a team photograph with this mural. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Greetings from Austin from a bunch of Dallasites! #questival #cotopaxi
Walk two lengths of a slackline without falling off. #timelapsevideoifnecessary
Cut me some slack, man. #questival
Find an awesome stranger who you think would be down for a trust fall. Then... hold a trust fall.
And I'm free-fallin...straight into a stranger's arms. #johnmayer #questival
Contact the nonprofit of your choice and schedule a time to go in and volunteer with them after the Questival. (PLEASE if you complete this challenge make sure to honor your commitment). #integrity
I volunteer at an organization in Dallas called Champions of Hope- a faith based mentoring program similar to BBBS. Excited to hang with my mentee on Monday! #questival
Find and take a team photograph with this statue. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Posing with the homie #questival
Make large signs and cheer on a random park sporting event, make sure they know you're a fan and make them feel like an allstar.
Hey now, you're an allstar ⭐️ get your (baseball) game on - go play! #smashmouth #questival
Bake a cake, and put candles on it. Find a stranger and sing "Happy (insert the day, i.e. Saturday) To You" to them. Make sure they blow out the candles.
Any excuse for a cupcake 🎂 #nom #questival
Give flowers to a stranger you see on the street.
When Haley meets Kaley, she gives her flowers 🌺 #shesadorable #sweetie #questival
Come by The Shade Project SPF station at Tru-Skin Dermatology (3500 Jefferson St, Ste 200, 78731) between 10AM and NOON and get your shade on! Teams will lather each other up and learn how to stay sun safe… the 1st 200 visitors get a special gift!
Protect that skin! #throwingShade #questival #theshadeproject
Between 9 and 10:30AM find the ultimate hang at Kammok (1401 E 7th St Austin, TX 78702). Come set up and sit in a hammock, then take it down and use it as an accessory in a team photo in front of our mural. Breakfast while supplies last. :)
Thank God for Kammok 🙌🏻 #praises #heavenly #questival @kammok
Hurtle a full-size garbage can like an olympic track star. After you're finished, empty your pockets of any trash.
AIR JORDAN #questival
Show us the best deal you can get on food with a coupon.
Tacossssss🌮🌮🌮 #questival
Order some food and record a review as if you are Guy Fieri while you eat it. Remember to say "money" over and over to be authentic.
Money! #tripleD #questival
Feed a meal from a street vendor to one of your teammates only using your elbows.
Team bonding #questival
Choreograph a team dance and perform it with audible music in a crowded area. Get permission first from the owner/operator of the crowded area unless it is a free public space.
Throwing it back #mygirl #questival
Go to a restaurant serving food from a country you've never been to, and eat a dish you've never heard of. Be honest, really try something new and make it count.
Cactus taco #questival
Get a celebrity with over 5,000 followers to tweet/retweet something with our hashtag and Twitter handle, @cotopaxi (prove with screenshot).
YouTube superstar and musician! #questival
Have a teammate do 50 consecutive unbroken pushups and submit a timelapse video of the feat. Don't forget your totem.
Loading the player...
I work out 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #questival
Creatively take a photo with your favorite piece of street art that you find during Questival.
#fave #questival
Bake cookies, share them with your nemesis.
Baked🤤🍪 #questival
Get 50 likes on a different single post made during the questival and document (prove with screenshot).
Every questival needs Cheetos. #questival
While camping in the wilderness video a 15 second scary story around a campfire.
Loans are scary😱 #questival
Swap shoelaces with a member of a different team. Two totems required in the submission.
What'd the shoelace say to the shoe? Want to tie the knot? 👟😂 #questival
Make a 15 second commercial for the the City of Austin.
Because you have great foliage #questival #visitaustin
Camp overnight in a tent in the wilderness give an MTV Cribs style tour of your entire campsite. Sorry yard/house camping doesn't count.
Frat boi Miles! #questival
Video a teammate throwing a doughnut hole as fast as they can at another teammate's face (Protect your eyes!).
Ouch... #questival
Show us your best volleyball serve. On/with a regulation court, net and ball.
Ace♠️ #questival
Take a 15 second video and tell what the Texas state motto means to you.
Friendship is for strangers #hugastrangertoday #questival
Hug a stranger that is not participating in the Questival for 15 seconds.
A hug a day keeps the doctor away. #questival
Hold a staring contest with stranger while casually eating a piece of fruit..... don't break eye contact 15 second minimum.
Loading the player...
The eyes are the window to the soul. #aBananaWasAnAwkwardChoice #questival
Research the symptoms of heat stroke then make a 15-sec video sharing how to spot the symptoms.
Loading the player...
It's gettin hot in here. #HeatStroke #CallNellie #questival
Give one of your teammates a piggy back ride up 3 flights of stairs. #timelapsevideoifnecessary
Stairs for days! #kneereplacement #questival
Walk (or run) a mile in your teammate's shoes. (That's right, everyone switch shoes. Go.) Timelapse video.
Time lapse in another's shoes #1mile #questival
Film a video showing how to check the oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and windshield wiper fluid levels in your car. Make sure everything is ship-shape.
Time lapse under the hood #hoodratshiz #questival
Find a peaceful outdoors space, sit down and take 5 minutes to relax in silence and enjoy the moment. (Timelapse, don't forget your totem)
Time lapse on iPhone #whydoyouhateSteveJobs?? #questival
Take a team selfie with your favorite box of cereal with one of the 17 remaining 'Moonlight Towers'. They are an official Texas state landmark, btw.
Best cereal for serial killers #jacktheripper #questival
Research how to correctly treat a snake bite then make a 15-sec video sharing what you learned.
Loading the player...
My anaconda don't want none... #BeSnakeSafe #questival
Perform a random act of kindness. Include a short text explanation in your comment. Do something meaningful and make it count!
Sharing donuts with our new friends!! #donutyouwanttobefriends #questival
Take the stairs to the top of Covert Park at Mount Bonnell take a team photo.
#trusttheprocess #squadgoals #questival
Watch a sunrise. Take a break and enjoy the moment. (Sunrise Saturday is at 6:58 am)
Life is good when you Do Good #questival #cotopaxi
Film a funny spit-take video with your team. Whats a spit take? Tap this challenge then tap GO >
Loading the player...
mom?! #questival
Enjoy a High Brew while watching the sunrise. Capture your experience.
High Brew with a high view #donutsfordads #questival #forthosewhodo
Find a stranger who has the same birthday as you and provide proof.
6:31 and two challenges down. Only donuts can make this better. and we have those. #questival
Find a stranger who has the exact same middle name as you and provide proof.
6:30 and 1 challenge down. Good start. #questival
While camping in the wilderness make a commercial for a cologne/perfume based on the scent of campfire. Channel your inner Chanel™.
Smell like a man, man #questival
While camping in the wilderness sing a pop song around your campfire.
Pop, goes the weasel! #tuppenyricealldayeveryday #questival
While camping in the wilderness dowse a campfire.
Wada💦 #questival
While camping in the wilderness cook a meal over a campfire.
Popcorn is a well-balanced meal🙌🏼 #questival
While camping share a meal with another team over a campfire. Two totems required in the submission.
Late night meal #camp #love #questival
While camping in the wilderness make s'mores over a campfire add an extra ingredient and share your recipe in the caption.
S'mores + Oreos = Doing good #questival
Share a campsite with another team. Two totems required in the submission.
Team players #groupcamping #questival #cotopaxi
While camping in the wilderness draw a picture of a llama w/ charcoal from your campfire.
That's a dope llama #questival
While camping in the wilderness start a campfire without matches, a lighter, or starter fluid (fire must be contained inside a legal fire pit).
Knapping instead of napping😴😴 #questival
While camping in the wilderness come up with a SUPER clever way of roasting one of your marshmallows for your s'more.
All star skills challenge #behindtheback #betweenthelegs #questival
Cook a pancake, try to make the it in the shape of a llama.
#usetheburntone #questival
Dance on the ceiling, we don't care how just figure it out Lionel Richie did it so you should too.
Loading the player...
Who runs the world AND dances on ceilings? Girls. #channelingourinnerbey #questival
Give everyone on your team new nicknames and create name badges so you don't forget.
Loading the player...
Get out of here, Renèe! #questival
Play a pop song on a kazoo tag the song in your caption.
Loading the player...
Thong Song - calling Sisqó. #kazoorendition #questival
Food toss trick shot, get fancy tossing food into a teammate's mouth.
Loading the player...
Hardcore Parkour!! #teamwork #trusttheprocess #questival
Create a team logo or crest and draw it on your totem. Make a 15 second video explaining your logo.
Loading the player...
You are my sunshine, my only sunshineeee #trusttheprocess #questival
Howl at the moon as a team at midnight (Be quiet and respectful of your neighbors if you have sleeping neighbors nearby).
Loading the player...
Paging Remus Lupin #HarryPotter #questival
Make a smoothie using at least 5 different fruits and vegetables.
Loading the player...
Fruity tooty smoothie #chunky #questival
Blindfold a teammate and give them 2 different back massages. One with all of your hands, the other with all of your feet. Have them guess which was which.
Loading the player...
Only happy endings here! #questival
Blindfold a teammate and then feed them an unusual and secret food item and see if they can guess what it is.
Loading the player...
Guava greatness. #questival
Use kitchenware to perform a boyband song of your choosing, modern or classic. (for an example tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Loading the player...
RIP Jonas Brothers. ☠️ #questival
Go to a grocery store and pretend an avocado (or a similar looking item) is a dragon egg from Game of Thrones. Have a ceremony with a teammate to crown the Queen of the Dragons.
Loading the player...
When you have to reenact a scene from a show you've never seen... #closeenough #alternativefacts #questival
Everyone on your team eats one raw clove of garlic each. #foryourhealth
Loading the player...
Feel the burn 🔥 #garlicshots #mymouthisburning #questival
Hold a formal hula hoop Contest with stranger
Loading the player...
These hips don't lie... #hulahooping #questival
Decorate your face like a cake. Frosting, sprinkles, whip cream, etc. Get a teammate to taste your face.
Loading the player...
Well kids, when mommy and daddy love each other very much... #howbabiesaremade #questival
Make your own grape juice by grape stomping, and then drink it. #sweetberrywine
Loading the player...
Juicy juice. 100% juice. #itwasagrapesuccess #questival
Eat a dish made entirely out of condiments.
Loading the player...
Look for us in the upcoming season of Chef's Table. #official #questival
Have a teammate hold their breath while completely submerged underwater for as long as they can. Submit timelapse footage and record the total time in the description. (don't forget your totem)
Loading the player...
Official Time : 37.71 seconds. #dontdie #questival
Tell your best joke in 15 seconds or less.
Loading the player...
Where does the president put his armies? In his SLEEVIES! *cue laugh track* #trusttheprocess #questival
Brush your teammate's teeth for them, turn the water off whilst brushing. (save water, what what!).
Loading the player...
"Ryan, dental hygiene is VERY important." -Miles #keepaustinweird #steamydreamytime #questival
Timelapse footage of your entire team holding a team plank as long as possible. One teammate may film. #respect. (don't forget your totem)
Loading the player...
Planks are hard. #respect #needtoworkoutmore #trusttheprocess #questival
As a team hold a "wall sit" as long as you can.
Loading the player...
There's always that one person on the team... Cheetos > wall sits. #questival
Fit one of your teammates completely into a bag/luggage/storage container. #don'tletthemdie
Loading the player...
If Questival doesn't work out, she can join the circus! #trusttheprocess #questival
Skype, Hangout, or FaceTime with a family member or significant other. Tell them you love them, and tell them about your day.
Loading the player...
#love #babies #adventures #questival
Complete the kickoff challenge at 7:30ish. It will be announced from the stage.
Loading the player...
Tejas #questival
Take a selfie or a team picture with Miguel the Llama. We will announced from the stage when Miguel arrives.
Como se llamas #questival
Eat something from one of the check-in party food vendors and take a quick pic.
so yummy ohmygod yaas. #questival
Take part in the "Follow-the-Llama" Dance competition, get a photo/video of someone from your team participating. #goforthegold!
Loading the player...
Follow that llama!! #questival
Take a team photo with the Cotopaxi trailer as the background.
#trusttheprocess #processing #phila #questival #cotopaxi
Visit NothingButNets.net learn a fact about malarya then Visit the Nothing But Nets booth and make a 15 second video sharing your new found knowledge.
Loading the player...
#nothingbutnets #trusttheprocess #questival
Play a quick game of Giant "Beer" Pong at the Festival with another team.
Loading the player...
Play a quick game of Llama "Cornhole" at the Festival with another team.
Go home bag!!! #questival
Kammok Cornhole: 3 in the hole (4 tries) gets you a Kammok x Yeti tumbler... BUT everyone else gets Kammok decals/stickers.
Loading the player...
Tumblrrrrrr #questival
Take a picture of a High Brew can in a creative way. **Hint - you might want to save an unopened can for a challenge that you'll do later.**
Loading the player...
Mornings are for coffee and contemplation #questival #forthosewhodo
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at Old Settlers Park having parked legally and lawfully or taken public transport.
#trusttheprocess #questival