Find The "Center" of San Francisco Monument and take a photo visiting it during daylight hours
"Its insignificance is the best part about it" #questival
Take a team picture at Clarion Alley with your favorite street art in the background. #mission
#adultsonly #questival
Visit the Financial District and take a video of the corporate goddesses #zoom
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Praise be thy corporate goddess... queen of business world #questival
In the Financial District find the Banker's Heart sculpture and confess one of your deepest secrets to it (don't step on the greenery please!).
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What she doesn't know won't hurt her #love #questival
Bake cookies, share them with your nemesis.
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Everyone on your team eats one raw clove of garlic each. #foryourhealth
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Cheers to garlic breath on a Saturday #forthellama #questival
Drink a cup of coffee with the Hills Bros. Coffee Drinker statue.
Full tilt #questival
Watch a sunrise. Take a break and enjoy the moment.
Take a break. Enjoy the moment. Drink a la croix. #questival #cotopaxi
Cook a pancake, try to make the it in the shape of a llama.
A Llama to introduce myself, I'm a pancake. #questival
Visit the small columned memorial of the destruction of 1906 that sits on the edge of a lake
Find the 13 trees planted to represent the original colonies. Take a photo of the plaque commemorating this forgotten monument
I wonder if the trees know how historic they are #questival
Step over the Andy Goldsworthy Drawn Crack art to avoid breaking your mothers back
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Download #questival
Take a science-y team photo outside of the California Academy of Sciences museum. Come back another day for a proper visit (San Francisco resident free day info tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Performing surgery dissecting the totem #questival
While camping in the wilderness dowse a campfire.
Burying the fire #questival
Take a photo of the Camera Obscura & Holograph Collection #someta
Cameras and stuff #questival
Find the eight sided house that was once used to watch for incoming ships at the Golden Gate.
Can't see ships but you can definitely see ghosts #questival
As a team, peep the Ruins of the Sutro Baths
Peeping those ruins straight on #questival
Make a video telling us something you learned about Lotta's Fountain *with the fountain in the background*
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Lotta's fountain was a meeting point in the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake/fires! #funFacts #lionHeads #questival
Take a photo of an alley way plaque that reads “On approximately this spot, Miles Archer, partner of Sam Spade, was done in by Brigid O’Shaughnessy.”
Brigid may have done in Sam, but we're done in tonight #questival
Take a seat next to the Ruth Asawa’s Fountain
Asawa fountain or awesome fountain?? #notpunny #questival
Take a photo of the hotel that is featured in the Alfred Hitchcock classic "Vertigo"
Here we VertiGO! #questival
Complete the kickoff challenge at 7:30 (It will be announced from the stage)
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DOING GOOOD, real good #questival
Try and find the last standing Standard Oil gas station
nothing standard about this picture #questival
Take part in the "Follow-the-Llama" Dance competition, get a photo/video of someone from your team participating. #goforthegold!
Follow the Llama or try toooo #questival
Order some food and record a review as if you are Guy Fieri while you eat it. Remember to say "money" over and over to be authentic.
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Welcome to flavor town!!!! #questival
Go to a restaurant serving food from a country you've never been to, and eat a dish you've never heard of. Be honest, really try something new and make it count.
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Lamb tastes remarkably like Llama #sorryMiguel #questival
Take a selfie or a team picture with Miguel the Llama. (We will announced from the stage when Miguel arrives)
Comosellama Miguel??? #questival
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at having parked legally and lawfully or take public transport.
Yay! Parking is so fun!!!! #questival
Visit learn a fact about malaria then Visit the Nothing But Nets booth and make a 15 second video sharing your new found knowledge.
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3.3 billion people at risk of malaria. Nothingbutnets is helping save lives one net at a time #questival
Take a team photo with your new Luzon backpacks in a creative way. #art
Lightening our load before the competition #questival
Send a net. Save a life. - As a team Donate $10 or more to Nothing But Nets at then upload a screenshot of your donation.
$10 donated! #questival