Get 50 likes on a different single post made during the questival and document (prove with screenshot).
Bake cookies, share them with your nemesis.
A Tar Heel vs. a Dookie.... cookies are universal tho #questival
Get 100 likes on a different single post made during the questival and document (prove with screenshot).
Hold a staring contest with stranger while casually eating a piece of fruit..... don't break eye contact 15 second minimum.
Casually and angrily staring down the Thai truck that took 45 mins with our food #questival
Order some food and record a review as if you are Guy Fieri while you eat it. Remember to say "money" over and over to be authentic.
Feed a meal from a street vendor to one of your teammates only using your elbows.
Coat & Thai FTW #questival
See how long you can hold a consistent singing note and document the entire thing. Make sure it's loud and that you are in a VERY public place.
DO RE MI FA SO #questival
Take a picture of an uncommon object underneath the sign of Uncommon Objects. If you choose to enter this eccentric shop, please be respectful and kind.
Uncommon Object: unicorn! #questival
Swap shoelaces with a member of a different team. Two totems required in the submission.
Shoelace swap! #questival
Respectfully introduce us to your favorite spot in Zilker Park. Do it like a real traveling show (i.e. Rick Steves/Anthony Bourdain/etc.)
Welcome to Zilker! #questival
Show us your best volleyball serve. On/with a regulation court, net and ball.
Serve it up! #questival
Hold a formal hula hoop Contest with stranger
πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» #questival
Put a picture of Lavar Burtons face on a kite and fly it high, just like Reading Rainbow. Don't forget to sing the theme song.
As a kite #questival
Choreograph a team dance and perform it with audible music in a crowded area. Get permission first from the owner/operator of the crowded area unless it is a free public space.
#PettyDance at Zilker #questival
Find and take a team photograph with this mural. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Deep in the heart of Texas! #questival #cotopaxi
Go to this link (click link and tap GO>) and donate to the IRC. Write a "Message of Hope" to a refugee on some fabric and give it to a Cotopaxi staff member for a display later in the year.
FTK #questival
Buy some produce from a local outdoor farmer’s market.
Shop & eat local! #questival
Go to a grocery store and pretend an avocado (or a similar looking item) is a dragon egg from Game of Thrones. Have a ceremony with a teammate to crown the Queen of the Dragons.
I am khaleesi mother of dragons #questival
As a team do your best batman impression at Congress Avenue Bridge, it may not be bat season so we'll become the bats.
I am the #batman #questival
Tell us of a toy invention you would like to create, make sure you do it outside of the coolest vintage toy shop around. #toyjoy
Imaginary Friends Hologram? #questival
Sing the Texas state song in front of the Texas State Capital building. #thestarsatnight
Texas oh Texas #questival
Go to a busy part of 6th Street/University of Texas/Zilker Park, put on your headphones and karaoke your heart out to your favorite song, the whole song, BE LOUD. (aka "Headphone Karaoke")
Singing in public at UT #questival
During daylight hours do a touchdown celebration dance with the University of Texas football stadium (Darrell K Royal) in the background, yes the actual stadium.
🏈🏈🏈 Touchdown celebration #questival
Find and take a team photograph with this mural. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Hi, how are you? #questival
Take the stairs to the top of Covert Park at Mount Bonnell take a team photo.
Hardest 40 steps of our lives #MountBonnell #Cotopaxi #questival
Politely serenade a stranger not participating in questival while playing a guitar/ukulele.
#JasonMraz #Imyours #questival
Lay face down motionless in a public area for 60 seconds or until a stranger comes to check on you. Timelapse. Don't forget your totem.
Taking Face Palm to new levels #questival
Give a stranger a compliment in your best foreign accent, make them feel bueno.
Some French love ooh la la #questival
Take a video of a team member drinking High Brew in motion via paddle, surf, swim, hike, bike, etc.
HIKE BREW AMIRITE #JumpGirlGetItGetIt #questival #forthosewhodo
While acting like a civilized adult and friend-of-the-animals (don't be a buffoon), take a photo with a peacock or peahen at Mayfield Park.
A PEACOCK #questival
Car karaoke as a team to your favorite song. Tag James Cordon @JKCorden & @latelateshow
BURNIN' UP FOR YOU QUESTIVAL @JKCorden @latelateshow #CarpoolKaraoke #questival #cotopaxi #questival
Find a little free library/tiny library. Borrow a book and leave a book video explaining your selection. #readingisFUNdamental
Brush your teammate's teeth for them, turn the water off whilst brushing. (save water, what what!).
True friends #questival
Decorate your face like a cake. Frosting, sprinkles, whip cream, etc. Get a teammate to taste your face.
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Tastes so good πŸ˜› #questival
Get llama nail art.
Llama nail art #questival
Create a team logo or crest and draw it on your totem. Make a 15 second video explaining your logo.
Questivaling comes in all shapes and sizes #questival
Create a 15 second informational video about the work of one of Cotopaxi's grantees.
#for3milliongirls #Educategirls #questival
Cook a pancake, try to make the it in the shape of a llama.
Looks more like an alpaca but we tried. #alpaca #questival
Take a 15 second video and tell what the Texas state motto means to you.
#nonewfrands #questival
Make a 15 second commercial for the the City of Austin.
My pitch of Austin #questival #visitaustin
Tell your best joke in 15 seconds or less.
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#JalapenoBusiness #questival
Film yourself doing a skateboard trick that you invented.
*longboards in 4 in heels* #questival
Go tandem longboarding while singing Unchained Melody.
I NEEEEEEEEEEEED YOUR (tandem) LOVE #questival
Watch a sunrise. Take a break and enjoy the moment. (Sunrise Saturday is at 6:58 am)
Waiting for the sun to peek out any time now #questival #cotopaxi
Enjoy a High Brew while watching the sunrise. Capture your experience.
A high brew a day #questival #forthosewhodo
Find an awesome stranger who you think would be down for a trust fall. Then... hold a trust fall.
True trust #questival
Go to a public place where music is playing (not the check-in festival) and challenge a stranger to a dance battle. Make it legit. Create non-monetary stakes. Loser pays up.
#dancequeens won beverages πŸ‘― #questival
Cross the street walking like you would be walking on the moon. Peace out gravity!
We in space #questival
Walk like a flock of chickens across a very public place. Get clucking!
Cluck cluck! #questival
Hug a stranger that is not participating in the Questival for 15 seconds.
Longest 50 sec #questival
Challenge a stranger not competing in the questival to a bubble gum blowing contest.
She won #bubblechamp #questival
Make a 15 second speech about llamas to strangers not competing in the questival on an escalator.
Arm wrestle a stranger, while armwrestling another stranger lefty. That's right; double armwrestling.
#questival #overthetop
Post a photo from Questival to your blog and put the url in the caption. (Screenshot).
Questivaling Hour 2 of Questival. Energy is already waning. Donut eating contest took me out. https://morgsandtiny.wordpress.com/2017/02/18/questivaling/ #questival
Use kitchenware to perform a boyband song of your choosing, modern or classic. (for an example tap this challenge then tap GO >)
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As a team play hard boiled egg roulette.
Loading the player...
So many eggs. So little time. #questival
As a team hold a "wall sit" as long as you can.
Loading the player...
When you wall sit but forget the totem until halfway thru #questival
Fit one of your teammates completely into a bag/luggage/storage container. #don'tletthemdie
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#DontLetThemDie #MeetNugget #questival
Timelapse footage of your entire team holding a team plank as long as possible. One teammate may film. #respect. (don't forget your totem)
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Team planking like champs #PlankChamps #questival
Give everyone on your team new nicknames and create name badges so you don't forget.
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Food toss trick shot, get fancy tossing food into a teammate's mouth.
Loading the player...
She did it! #questival
Blindfold a teammate and give them 2 different back massages. One with all of your hands, the other with all of your feet. Have them guess which was which.
Loading the player...
Ew feet #questival
Film a funny spit-take video with your team. Whats a spit take? Tap this challenge then tap GO >
Loading the player...
Eat 1 tablespoon of blue cheese, and immediately after swallowing sing "I'm Blue" by Eiffel 65.
Loading the player...
It was blue and she still died #CheeseBetrayal #HateToCheeseIt #questival
Complete the kickoff challenge at 7:30ish. It will be announced from the stage.
Loading the player...
DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS #Kickoff #Leggo #questival
Eat something from one of the check-in party food vendors and take a quick pic.
Grub a dub grub *matthew mconaghey voice* #allfriesallfriesallfriesallfries #questival
Find a stranger who has the exact same middle name as you and provide proof.
Loading the player...
No middle name = same middle name #DontDiscriminate #DontNameHate #JustParticipate #questival
Take a team photo with the Cotopaxi trailer as the background.
Ya fav llama mamas #DimSomTina #WeSaidMakeItTrashy #WeMeantGuacNotTrailers #questival #cotopaxi
Visit NothingButNets.net learn a fact about malarya then Visit the Nothing But Nets booth and make a 15 second video sharing your new found knowledge.
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1 disease-ridden mosquito can end a life, one net can save one. #NothingButNets #questival
Play a quick game of Llama "Cornhole" at the Festival with another team.
Loading the player...
The other team is killing us #CornholeAintHerGame #questival
Take part in the "Follow-the-Llama" Dance competition, get a photo/video of someone from your team participating. #goforthegold!
Loading the player...
Tina Turnter #ThisIsntDWTS #OrDaClub #ThatGiantDonutSlowedHerDown #questival
Take a selfie or a team picture with Miguel the Llama. We will announced from the stage when Miguel arrives.
Ain't nobody got time for you llama drama lil mama #MiguelNoTulio #MiguelTheLlama #questival
Play a quick game of Giant "Beer" Pong at the Festival with another team.
Loading the player...
beer pong betches #questival
Take a picture of a High Brew can in a creative way. **Hint - you might want to save an unopened can for a challenge that you'll do later.**
High Brew gives you.. Amateur acro yoga? #GetHighBrewGetTurnt #questival #forthosewhodo
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at Old Settlers Park having parked legally and lawfully or taken public transport.
DimSomTina is here and ready to party! #letsgetit #newtothisbuttruetothis #cotopaxiparty #questival