Team Barracuda Starlight

Collect all of the garbage you create during your adventure and take a picture of it in the final two hours of Questival then recycle/compost what you can.
bout to recycle this trash. #questival
Create a team logo or crest and draw it on your totem. Make sure to include Knoxville 2017.
team Barracuda Starlight. #questival
Find a live turkey that you have permission to interact with and tell it you love it.
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perky the turkey. rescue, don't eat. #questival
Jump into a natural (not a pool) body of water with your clothes on. Bring a towel!
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i tried to go under too, but i was too worked up #questival
Find a peaceful outdoors space, sit down and take 5 minutes to relax in silence and enjoy the moment. (Timelapse, don't forget your totem)
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totem in the first second. #questival
Leave a scary book at a little free library/tiny library (not a public or city library). Take a video explaining your addition. #readingisFUNdamental
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i think we're gonna need a bigger boat. #questival
Run through the World's Fair Fountain while it's on, dodge the spray and try to stay as dry as possible
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we tried. #questival
Take a photo with the Torchbearer statue, emulate his pose.
torch is a-light! #questival
Hug one of Tennessee's 3 state trees. Tell us what it is in your caption.
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the tulip poplar is a large beautiful tree that turns yellow in the fall. #questival
Write a note with 10 things you love about Tennessee and leave it for someone else to find.
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i love Tennessee. #questival
Take a photo outside the Knoxville Museum of Art, tell us what type of stone is on the building's exterior.
Marble City! Of course our art museum is made of marble! #questival
Take a photo next to a statue of Alex Haley, tell us what book he won the Pulitzer Prize for in your caption.
he won a pulitzer prize for his 76 novel roots! #questival
Buy some produce from a local outdoor farmer’s market.
cherry tomatoes!! loved the market this morning! it's a beautiful day! #questival
Find and photograph "Earth Fire Water Wind" by Hanna Jubran
this sculpture is pretty awesome against the sky. art rocks. #questival
As a team hold a "wall sit" as long as you can.
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it took an awful long time to get this video right, but we're no quitters #questival
Take a photo next to the Rowing Man Statue
our favorite statue in our home. #questival
Find and photograph "Borbor 9" by Will Vannerson
im a fox, he's a skeleton.... but not yet. #questival
Watch a sunrise. Take a break and enjoy the moment.
video was too dark! bummer! #questival #cotopaxi
Take a picture of a ghost.
good ghost. #questival
Complete the kickoff challenge at 7:30 (It will be announced from the stage)
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DOGOOD #questival
Take a photo with your favorite tree and tell us how many acres of trees there are at Ijams nature center.
oak trees are the best trees....there are 300 acres of trees at ijams. #questival
Take a photo with a Common Persimmon somewhere at Ijams Nature Center (tell us something the wood has been used to create in your caption)
pool sticks!!!! #questival
Take a photo with an American sycamore somewhere at Ijams Nature Center.
all American. #questival
Take a team photo showing off your new Luzon daypack once you pick it up from Check In
mr. melon head and miss scrunchy face. #questival
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at having parked legally and lawfully or take public transport.
and yes, we parked legally 😉 #questival