Never Too Old

Visit learn a fact about malaria then Visit the Nothing But Nets booth and make a 15 second video sharing your new found knowledge.
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Always good to have a safety net #questival
Share some food/drink with one of your teammates.
Sharing our BoBo's #questival
Take a selfie or a team picture with Miguel the Llama. (We will announced from the stage when Miguel arrives)
Llamaing around with Miguel #questival
Seek out the Bobo's Oat Bars team and get a free sample for you and your team.
Never Too Old for BoBo's #questival
Complete the kickoff challenge at 7:30 (It will be announced from the stage)
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Llamazing check-in and they're off.... #questival
Pick two teammates and do your best impersonation of the giant white statues at the check-in.
Deja Vu Vu #questival
Find and take a team photograph with this mural. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Early bird gets the High Brew! #questival #questival
Grab a High Brew sample for you and your team. Take a photo with your delicious beverages. Save at least one for a later challenge.
Cheers to High Brew #questival
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at having parked legally and lawfully or take public transport.
Successfully arriving via Light Rail #questival