Take a picture of the sunrise
Early early :)
Have a teammate do 50 consecutive unbroken pushups and submit a timelapse video of the feat.
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He had already done 30 before We realized it wasn't on time lapse 😂
Train for ski season! do a wall sit for 1 minute 30 seconds. Take a picture of your face in agony. #feeltheburn
Beautiful babe!
Pay it forward in a drive through by paying for the meal behind you - video telling the drive through employee you are paying for the car behind you
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Surprise surprise!
Take a picture of sunset
Go To Scheels in Sandy and throw your fastest pitch in the pitching simulator. Record the speed with a picture.
It must have been to fast of a pitch!
Get a picture in front of an American Flag
Ride the Ferris Wheel at Scheels and take a selfie on the ride!