Pick up 1 cockaroach from the floor around the office. Make a funeral headstone for it and create a small funeral scene. #youcan'tspellfuneralwithoutFUN
RIP Roachy #FantasyQuest
With permission from Ali and the help of retail staff, make a sale in the retail store. #teamappreciation (3 bonus points if the sale is over $150) picture of the transaction and thumbs up from the retail staff for the points
dopp kitts for days #FantasyQuest
Ask the CX team to help you answer a customer email, become a CX for a moment. Picture with the CX team member. #teamappreciation
cxing with the best cxer #FantasyQuest
Create an invoice for something ridiculous, email Rich and tell him he needs to pay the invoice. Screenshot of the invoice.
Need Cotopaxi to cover a quick little ride since me and Alice were running late at Chicago Questival..#helicopter #FantasyQuest
Go to 'all-random' on Slack and "/giphy fantasy" you get ONE shuffle but then post it leave it up for at least 4 hours (screenshot of your post)
caught in a landslide no escape from reality #FantasyQuest
Give a member of the Cotopaxi team a handmade card telling them why you appreciate them/their efforts. #gratitude (take a picture of the card)
fransiscoooo! #FantasyQuest
Tell us why you named your Fantasy Football team what you named it. Or what you will name it and why.
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I base my decisions on the creativity of others. #FantasyQuest