Genghis Cons

Go to a restaurant serving food from a country you've never been to, and eat a dish you've never heard of. Be honest, really try something new and make it count.
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Methi Malai Mirgh from India. "Creamy nutty flavored sauce with fenugreek leaves and spices" ...actually pretty good! #questival
Show us the best deal you can get on food with a coupon
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6 meals. $39.00. That's a good deal. #questival
Find and take a team photograph with this working sculpture. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Working Sculpture! Preying mantis #questival
Give one of your teammates a piggy back ride up 3 flights of stairs. #timelapsevideoifnecessary
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3 flights at container park! Leg Day!! #questival
Complete the kickoff challenge at 7:30 (It will be announced from the stage)
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#LasVegas #questival
Post a photo from Questival to your blog and put the url in the caption. (Screenshot). #questival
Take part in the "Follow-the-Llama" Dance competition, get a photo/video of someone from your team participating. #goforthegold!
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Follow that Llama!!! #questival
Take a selfie or a team picture with a real llama (Cusco) OR Miguel the Llama (We will announced from the stage when Miguel arrives)
#LiveLlama selfie time! #questival #cotopaxi
Pick up 20 pieces of trash in/around the Container Park and throw it away in the proper bin. Take a picture of your bounty before tossing it.
#20piecesOfTrash eeew. Discarded cups, food scraps, and just general garbage. Thank god for sanitary wipes! #questival
Play Llama "Cornhole" at the Festival with another team
#LlamaCornhole we totally lost to the team in the background.. :( #questival
Visit learn a fact about malarya then Visit the Nothing But Nets booth and make a 15 second video sharing your new found knowledge.
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#NothingButNets malaria is only spread by a specific female mosquito. Only comes out at night (nocturnal). Spend 12Billion and every 2 mins a child dies. #questival
Go to LAYOP. Search their store to find the name of our LAYOP Kids Turtle. Take a picture of his name when you find it and get a FREE sticker prize from them.
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We found Lionel! #questival
Explore the innovative and beautiful Container Park and take a team photo at the Treehouse.
TreeHouse Team Photo of the #GhengisCons @ Container Park! #questival
Grab a can of High Brew Coffee Drink (at least one) at check-in and save it for a challenge that will come later
High Brew! #questival
Grab a bag of Country Archer Jerky at check-in and save it for a challenge that will come later
Archer Jerky #questival
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at the Container Park having parked legally and lawfully or having used public transport.
Paid and parked legally! #questival
Donate to the IRC by clicking on this link. Take a screenshot of your donation to an IRC rep at the onsite Cotopaxi Store. They'll give you a piece of fabric to write a "Message of Hope" to a refugee. We'll combine these flags from every city to create a giant display at the end of the year.
#PayPal #IRC Make things better for everyone! #questival