Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

Order some food and record a review as if you are Guy Fieri while you eat it. Remember to say "money" over and over to be authentic.
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COMPLETE BOTH COTOPAXI CHECKPOINT CHALLENGES - Submit team photo with both passport stamps visible.
success #questival
Checkpoint 2 - TIMEFRAME (5pm-7pm) - Find the Cotopaxi team at Patrons (138 Brighton Ave., Allston, MA. 02134), complete the challenge and post a team photo showing your checkpoint 2 stamp. Plan accordingly the challenge takes some time to complete.
Convince a non-Questival participant to paint their face with the logo of your favorite sports franchise
Snapchat coming in clutch........having a Yankee fan on our team not so much #questival
Find and take a team photograph with this mural. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)
Made it by an inch! #questival #cotopaxi
Picture collage riding 2 separate forms of public transit.
by sea and by land #questival
Check out the oldest US Navy ship that is still afloat. Tell us how old it is in your caption.
launched in Boston in 1797 #questival
Play the Charleston Bells as you walk across Charles RIver Dam
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Trade a piece of clothing with a stranger that is not participating in the Questival. FOR KEEPS!
a little chilly out and his sweatshirt looked warmer #questival
Hug a stranger that is not participating in the Questival for 15 seconds.
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He just wouldn't let his sub go for the hug! #questival
Visit Edgar Allan Poe Square and recite your favorite line from his catalogue.
All that we see or seem Is but a dream with in a dream. #questival
Recreate a scene from your favorite movie that takes place in Boston
"this is really nice, you have a thing for swans or like some sortah of fetish" - good will hunting #questival
Visit “Shaw Memorial” by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1897
Checkpoint 1 - TIMEFRAME (noon-2pm) - Find the Cotopaxi team at the Boston Commons, complete the challenge and post a team photo showing your checkpoint 1 stamp. Plan extra time, checkpoint closes at 2:00pm exactly.
#fitlife #questival
Take a picture at the Boston Common Memorial Day tribute. Be respectful. So many beautiful flags. :)
Go to a driving range and hold a team long-drive competition. Record your longest drive.
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250 yards #questival
Creatively take a photo with your favorite piece of street art that you find during Questival.
Clinton memorial rock. #questival
Film a video showing how to check the oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and windshield wiper fluid levels in your car. Make sure everything is ship shape.
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checking fluids before our next destination #zoomzoom #questival
Tie a bowline knot in a 15 second video.
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Fire Academy taught us well! #questival
Ride a unicycle.
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the circus is in town #questival
Eat at a roadside diner, order the 12th thing on the menu.
#12 peanut butter chip pancakes #questival
Give one of your teammates a piggy back ride up 3 flights of stairs. #timelapsevideoifnecessary
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#Brotherlylove! #questival
Watch a sunrise. Take a break and enjoy the moment.
bright and early at the top of wattaquadock #questival #cotopaxi
Find and photograph a Maine license plate. The real thing not a photo or any other facsimile.
the real deal #questival
Take part in the "Follow-the-Llama" Dance competition, get a photo/video of someone from your team participating. #goforthegold!
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llamaa see llama do #questival
Visit the Great Boston Molasses Flood Plaque, tell us how many people were killed in your caption.
21 poor souls were lost that day #questival
Take a photo in front of the skinniest house in Boston. Keep your distance and be respectful of the residents as the house is privately owned and occupied.
skinny house for skinny men. #questival
Make a 15 second commercial for the City of Boston
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Boston's Famous North End. #questival
Leave a book at a little free library/tiny library (not a public or city library). Take a video explaining your addition. #readingisFUNdamental
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lovely addition from a group of fine strapping lads. #readingisFUNdamental #questival
Take a creative team picture with the the state flag of Massachusetts.
hiding from the rain......yup it's still raining #questival
Take a photo of the Boston Stone. In your caption, tell us what year is carved into it
The captain visited for 1737! #questival
Find and photograph these 6 state quarters together with your totem, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York and New Hampshire.
Always prepared. #questival
Take a photo of the Golden Grasshopper Weathervane. In your caption tell us how to pronounce the name of the building underneath it.
fænjel hall #questival
Take a photo in front of the oldest bar in Boston. Tell us what year it was built in your caption.
bell in hand tavern built 1795 #questival
As a team do 10 centipede push-ups in 15 seconds near Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Do a little research and tell us something about the location's history in your caption.
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Has been a market place and meeting hall since 1743 #questival
Play a round of Giant "Beer" Pong, Giant Connect Four, or Llama "Cornhole" at the Festival with another team.
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so close but no cigar #questival
Visit the Noosa Tent and get a free sample of their delicious fare, take a picture of your team enjoying it.
oh how cute. #sharingiscaring #questival
Visit the High Brew Tent and get a can of High Brew for you and your teammates to keep you up the next 24 hours. Take a creative photo with your take.
High brew shotgun! #questival #
Complete the kickoff challenge at 7:30 (It will be announced from the stage)
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🔥🦆 #questival
Successfully arrive at the kick-off/launch party at having parked legally and lawfully or take public transport.
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies burning up the green line. #questival
Take a selfie or a team picture with Miguel the Llama. (We will announced from the stage when Miguel arrives)
#teamfirebreathingrubberduckies #questival
Visit one of your favorite local places in nature.
Lancaster, Ma #questival